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be in eclipse

To be dwindling in success or popularity. Sure, that author was big 10 years ago, but her career is in eclipse now, and I doubt her new book will be a big seller.
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in eclipse

Dwindling in success, popularity, or relevance. (Typically used in slightly more formal language.) Sure, that author was big 10 years ago, but her career is in eclipse now, and I doubt her new book will be a big seller.
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in eclipse

If something is in eclipse, it is much less successful and important than it used to be. The Socialist party, which has spent most of the past 21 years in government, is now in eclipse. Since then, his career has been mostly in eclipse. Note: An eclipse of the sun is an occasion when the moon is between the earth and the sun, so that for a short time you cannot see part or all of the sun. An eclipse of the moon is an occasion when the earth is between the sun and the moon, so that for a short time you cannot see part or all of the moon because it is covered by the shadow of the earth.
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in eclipse

1 (of a celestial object) obscured by another or the shadow of another. 2 losing or having lost significance, power, or prominence.
2 1991 Atlantic Within a decade of his death…he was in eclipse: not written about, undiscussed, forgotten in architecture schools.
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Nick heads back to the North Pole early Christmas morning, he'll leave a rare gift not seen since 1954 and one that won't be seen again until the year 2307 - a partial eclipse.
These cryptic words, inscribed in Chinese characters on an ancient piece of tortoise shell, record a total solar eclipse in which the sun's corona and its streamers became visible and stars appeared in the sky.
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The notion that astronomers in Christopher Columbus' day believed the Earth to be flat ``is a modern myth,'' Hodge said, since eclipses and other scientific evidence by then clearly indicated otherwise.
The 900,000-mile-long shadow cast by the planet Earth will temporarily envelop this evening's harvest moon, providing the last total lunar eclipse visible in the Los Angeles area until the year 2000.
The best way to observe such an eclipse is by making repeated measurements at frequent intervals--of the changes in brightness of the object or of its spectrum to see which features appear, disappear or shift in wavelength as the eclipse progresses.
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