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applaud (one) to the echo

To vocally support or encourage one. Primarily heard in UK. The fans really applauded us to the echo in the championship game.
See also: applaud, echo, to

cheer (one) to the echo

To vocally support or encourage one. Primarily heard in UK. The fans really cheered us to the echo in the championship game.
See also: cheer, echo, to

echo back to (something)

To reference something that has already been said or established. And that line echoes back to what her father told her earlier in the book.
See also: back, echo, to

echo with (something)

1. Literally, to reverberate with a noise or sound. The room echoed with shrieks and cheers as the kids came running in for birthday cake.
2. To be suggestive of something. I began to feel sad as I stood in the old neighborhood that echoed with my childhood.
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echo back to something

[for something] to recall something similar in the past. This idea echoes back to the end of the last century, when people thought this way.
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echo with something

1. . Lit. [for a large space] to resound with the echoing sounds of a loud noise. The cathedral echoed with the sounds of the organ. The valley echoed with the sound of horses' hooves.
2. Fig. [for something] to have reminders of something. (Literary and very limited.) My thoughts echoed with the sounds of spring. The room echoed with happier days.
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cheer someone to the echo

If you cheer someone to the echo, you applaud them loudly for a long time. They cheered him to the echo, as they did every member of the cast.
See also: cheer, echo, someone, to
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applaud (or cheer) someone to the echo

applaud (or cheer) someone very enthusiastically.
See also: applaud, echo, someone, to
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HHHII A Stolen Kiss: Plant has never sung so sweetly as on a bittersweet beauty of a song backed just by echoey piano recorded in St George's Chapel, Bristol.
Concentric ripples shiver on the surface of the toxic-looking puddle and throw reflections onto the black ceiling, a synesthetic extension of the echoey soundscape.
Synthesisers drift in and out of pounding drum beats, while Joshua Third's weeping guitar matches Faris Badwan's echoey ramblings perfectly.
Each type has its pros and cons - laminate is easy and cheap to install but can sound echoey and look fake.
meetings there in the echoey gym by crossing our arms over our stomachs
His songs sound like echoey croons for dead glamour queens and doomed rebels--the loopy inside-outers who never felt comfortable and inspired a million losers after them--but they are equally new age spirituals encouraging all humans to find their own path.
A giant, almost empty, echoey room of crumbling pale plaster walls and doors fills the stage, with a corridor running down one side.
Dave comes over to the same area and hears the strange echoey sound.
I get panicked in echoey, dark places filled with crunching, slurping strangers while flat figures thrash and shout on a giant screen.
Reid has earlier published, to much acclaim, four volumes of poetry: Arcadia, Pea Soup, Katerina Brac, and In the Echoey Tunnel.
Two things to watch here - they are not sound absorbent in the way curtains are and rooms can feel very echoey and not relaxing.
The Art, the album's final track, even has an echoey sound to the piano, as if it's ringing round a magnificent cathedral of a space.
Think the echoey double female harmony of Strawberry Switchblade mixed with a sonic mix of Velvet Underground and We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It and the attitude of Elastica.
This will be only the second time that Vasily Petrenko has conducted the work and he is looking forward to the performance in the excellent acoustic of Huddersfield Town Hall after the more echoey acoustic of Chester Cathedral.
Del Rey, pictured, chooses her voice depending on the characters she's playing, from brooding, affected or coquettish plaything, switching from a deep dredged-up drawl with bass guitar and echoey drum machine, to a cutesy Betty Boop, singing of ice cream and cinnamon.