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eavesdrop on (someone or something)

To intentionally listen to a conversation that one is not a participant in. Because it's likely that people will eavesdrop on our discussion, I think we should postpone it until a later time. If you don't stop eavesdropping on us, I'm going to tell mom!
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eavesdrop on someone

to listen in on people having a private conversation. I saw her eavesdropping on them. Please don't eavesdrop on me.
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eavesdrop on something

to listen in on a private conversation. She was eavesdropping on their conversation. Maria was eavesdropping on the telephone call.
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Twilio said the company has found no evidence to suggest the Eavesdropper vulnerability has been exploited in the wild or that hackers have used credentials hard-coded into apps to hijack user data, but is working with developers to change the credentials on affected accounts.
An eavesdropper who knows the originator Ti of each bit can decode only the bits that was communicated publicly.
When the typical user is connected with a MBS, the receive SINR at the most detrimental eavesdropper is given by
The respective received signals at the destination and the eavesdropper can be expressed as
This delay can be measured and if an eavesdropper tries to read a photon he will induce an additional time delay [DELTA]t.
Comaniciu is making highly ingenious use of typical impediments and failures in communications in order to protect data from unwanted eavesdroppers,” says Dr.
Repeatedly, the narrator delays revealing to the reader the whole importance of a given scene--Marcel's spying on the Duke and Duchess to learn about his invitation, for example--until later in the narrative, which mimics the experience of the eavesdropper who encounters information he does not initially understand.
Yet nothing can beat the fascination or pump of adrenalin that accompanies a room filled with ideas: the seance-like quality of a show as we play eavesdropper.
From a distance, an eavesdropper would receive random data and be unable to distinguish between passport data and data from the jammer.
Knowing that, an eavesdropper needs to figure out the random digits.
Since a wireless system cannot block anyone from picking up its broadcast signal, the obvious protection is encryption--that is, encode the information so it cannot be understood by an eavesdropper.
More successful, and probably of more interest to the readership of this review, was the penultimate chapter on Proust, in which Gaylin explores his explicitly parallel treatment of reading and eavesdropping in A la recherche du temps perdu, especially Proust's implication that the reader is both privileged and compromised by the putatively private information contained in the narrative as much as the eavesdropper is privileged and compromised by unwarranted overhearing.
Suddenly, Malone took a big step backward, and Yao tumbled over like an eavesdropper when the door opens, lamely flipping the ball over his head in the general direction of the hoop before landing stretched out across the paint.
Neither the intended receiver nor any eavesdropper would be able to locate the home planet of the sender.