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eavesdrop on (someone or something)

To intentionally listen to a conversation that one is not a participant in. Because it's likely that people will eavesdrop on our discussion, I think we should postpone it until a later time. If you don't stop eavesdropping on us, I'm going to tell mom!
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eavesdrop on someone

to listen in on people having a private conversation. I saw her eavesdropping on them. Please don't eavesdrop on me.
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eavesdrop on something

to listen in on a private conversation. She was eavesdropping on their conversation. Maria was eavesdropping on the telephone call.
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115) According to the defendant, police had obtained his confession, as well as permission to search his home, by exploiting an illegally eavesdropped conversation between him and his wife, a recording of which was provided to police by the defendant's neighbor.
The Miles dissent noted that the police made extensive "use" of the illegally eavesdropped recording while interrogating the defendant and his wife.
She probably has not eavesdropped, though, because the emails are stored, not in transmission, at the time she obtained them.
She also may not have eavesdropped under the Illinois Act because, as a party participating in the e-mail conversation, she does not intend her communications to be private as required by the definition of electronic communication.
SDSM sources confirm that some political factors and persons demanded the eavesdropped materials but didn't confirm whether this includes BESA.
So it is not something new that our country's prime minister is being eavesdropped on.
According to him, the eavesdropped conversations enabled the Albanian citizens to find out the truth about the parties which abused their power and the coalition with VMRO-DPMNE.
If you have eavesdropped on the general secretary of NATO, you put yourselves in a position of a country, which distrusts the Alliance.
Institutions weren't transparent enough to explain their work so we demand they to give their statement - who is behind the recorded eavesdropped conversations, how were they recorded, and we demand them to declare about the procedures regarding the content of the recordings", stressed Slagjana Taseva from "Transparency Macedonia".
Observers assess that if the foreign ambassadors were really eavesdropped on, especially partners who support Macedonia for over 20 years, it means big political crisis regarding Euro integrations.
Being the State prosecutor in the affair "Big Ear" Dzikov stressed that the first trial is not effective and clearly shows that the Prime Minister and Chief of the Counter Intelligence Directorate were not the ones who eavesdropped, as Zaev stressed but it was another group of people and the international factor who performed the eavesdropping.
PDSH leader Menduh Tachi announced that he is undoubtedly the most eavesdropped person in Macedonia.
This is best proved by the recorded eavesdropped conversations which are monstrous.
In an interview for "KOHA" Osmani reminded that he has been eavesdropped on since 1981 when he studied in Pristina.
Tachi stressed that he has been eavesdropped on since 1993 when he demanded a special investigative court to review the scandal.