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eavesdrop on (someone or something)

To intentionally listen to a conversation that one is not a participant in. Because it's likely that people will eavesdrop on our discussion, I think we should postpone it until a later time. If you don't stop eavesdropping on us, I'm going to tell mom!
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eavesdrop on someone

to listen in on people having a private conversation. I saw her eavesdropping on them. Please don't eavesdrop on me.
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eavesdrop on something

to listen in on a private conversation. She was eavesdropping on their conversation. Maria was eavesdropping on the telephone call.
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In addition, a person eavesdrops if he or she uses or divulges any information that he or she knows or reasonably should know was obtained through the use of an eavesdropping device, unless the use is specifically authorized.
CCTV cameras fitted with high-powered microphones could eavesdrop from up to 100 yards away.
The research stems from an earlier UW laboratory study that showed young sparrows acquire more of their songs when they eavesdrop on two birds than when they interact with a tutor.
Is Turkey in such a vulnerable position that anyone can eavesdrop on the country, including its foreign missions?
New electronic techniques are being developed to eavesdrop on the brain by detecting the activity of many cells simultaneously.
The Turkish intelligence's job is to make sure no one is eavesdropping on Turkey and [when it occurs] to eavesdrop on the one other party," Zeybekci told reporters on Saturday.
Among the president's requests was legislation to expand the FBI's authority to use ``roving'' wiretaps to eavesdrop on fast-moving terrorists who avoid detection by using cellular phones and scramblers.
I consider that this is a big political and diplomatic scandal which might affect Macedonia a lot" said Ruzin stressing that it is unacceptable to eavesdrop on countries or partners.
Of course he is the person that people will try to eavesdrop on most," GE-zel says.
According to Littman, Mitnick was drawn to Shimomura's computer because it contained software that could be used to eavesdrop on cellular telephone calls and the Internet communications.
An adversary eavesdrops intercepts the wireless transmission among the legitimate transmitter and receiver.