eat (someone or something)

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eat (someone or something)

1. To pay the cost of something. If we sent the wrong file to the printer, then we'll just have to eat the cost of the fliers and start over again.
2. To cause one to worry. What's eating you? Did something bad happen?
3. vulgar slang To perform cunnilingus.
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eat it

1. rude slang An interjection by a speaker who is annoyed or frustrated with someone else. Eat it, Ben! You cheated on me, remember?
2. slang To fall down, usually in an especially clumsy manner. Whoa, she really ate it on the ice out there—is she OK?
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eat me

vulgar slang An expression of anger and dismissal directed at someone who is irritating or who one has contempt for. Potentially offensive, as it can also be used to refer to oral sex. Oh, eat me, will you? I refuse to do anything you say!
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1. tv. [for something] to bother or worry someone. Nothing’s eating me. I’m just the nervous type.
2. tv. to absorb the cost or expense of something. We’ll eat the costs on this one. It’s the least we can do.
3. tv. to perform oral sex on someone. (Usually objectionable.) She said she wanted to eat me!
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Bolinger, who has US citizenship through his father, had told police he had fantasised about eating someone since the age of six.
Is it that they feel less guilty eating someone else's fries or drinking someone else's vino?
Sounded like a zombie eating someone. Just like the movies--the craziest sound.
such as her collection of dream comics, My Most Secret Desire (1995), with its abundant stories of swapped and morphing genitals: of Julie growing a penis, of eating someone else's penis, of taking someone's penis and returning only part of it.
I never thought I would see someone else eating someone. It was really, really horrific."
So, I fear, not for much longer can my sole contribution to the great British BBQ be eating someone else's.
"This lady was spending her entire day cooking, and while she liked it, it's not what she intended her life to be, so I tried to find things that were kid and adultfriendly, and suitable for someone with coeliac, too, so no one felt like they were eating someone else's food.
"We're always fascinated as people will react under pressure and you don't know quite what you might do if your life is in danger." Unlike his costar, Dunbar isn't as quick to say whether hunger would drive him to killing and eating someone for dinner.
Underwood said he began fantasising about eating someone a year ago, said Mr Kuykendall.
Kuykendall added that Underwood said he began fantasising about eating someone a year ago.
was charged in December with eating someone he solicited on the Net.
So, unless you're eating someone else's lunch, like L'Oreal, your business model is sorely lacking.
While real people do not introduce their main course to their dining companions, if you have ever met a sheep, cow, pig, or any other animal used for human consumption, you are eating someone you've been introduced to.
Eating someone else's food out of the fridge or from their desk (79 per cent)
Not so long ago, over-eating would be described in slightly humiliating terms - eating someone out of house and home say.