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1. slang A winsome, often effeminate young man who is apt to socialize. Of course you like that cake-eater—he's a very charming fellow.
2. slang A resident of Edina, Minnesota, a wealthy suburb of Minneapolis. Usually said as an insult. Primarily heard in US. Get out of here, cake-eaters! Go back to your mansions in Edina!


One who is regarded as a traitor. "Cheese" alludes to rats eating cheese, playing on the definition of "rat" meaning "traitor." The gang was determined to find the cheese-eater who told the police about their illegal activities.

frog eater

A derogatory term for a French person. I'm not sure what my grandma had against France, but she very strongly believed that "frog eaters," as she called them, were not to be trusted.
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lotus eater

One who indulges in idleness, luxury, and pleasure. From The Odyssey, but Homer, the Lotus Eaters were inhabitants of an island who spent every day eating flowers that made them interested in nothing but their own comfort and pleasure. Lounging on the beach of the tiny Greek island, I began dreaming up ways I could become a lotus eater there forever.
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A man who lacks or does not conform to stereotypical masculine characteristic; an effeminate male. (From the book Real Men Don't Eat Quiche (1982) by Bruce Feirstein.) Well, it's no surprise that a quiche-eater like yourself won't put up a fight when his honor is being insulted! So I'm considered a quiche-eater just because I don't swill beer all day and hold sexist opinions?

smoke eater

1. A filtration device that removes smoke particles from the air, either by electronic or chemical means. I knew my girlfriend hated the way my apartment smelled because I smoked cigarettes indoors, so I decided to install a smoke eater so she'd be more inclined to come over.
2. dated slang A firefighter, especially before the use of compressed breathing apparatuses. I never knew my granddad. He was a fire eater in New York for nearly 30 years, and he died of emphysema when he was just 55 years old.
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son of a biscuit eater

1. slang A mean or unpleasant person, especially a man. A minced oath replacing the profane phrase "son of a bitch." Julie's ex-husband was such a mean son of a biscuit eater, it's no wonder she divorced him. You gosh-darned son of a biscuit eater! I'm gonna make you pay for that!
2. slang An emphatic expression of affection or admiration for a man. That son of a biscuit eater really pulled through for us when we needed him! Why, you old son of a biscuit eater! I haven't you in a dog's age!
3. slang An inanimate object that is causing one problems or difficulty. My car broke down, and I can't figure out how to fix the son of a biscuit eater! A: "This stupid son of a biscuit eater has been giving me problems for weeks!" B: "I think it may be time to just buy a new computer, Tom."
4. slang An exclamation of anger, aggravation, pain, or shock. A: "Son of a biscuit eater!" B: "What's wrong?" A: "The bank just charged me $50 in withdrawal fees!" Ouch, son of a biscuit eater! Stubbing your toe is the absolute worst!
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weed eater

informal A tool that uses a motor to spin a thin, flexible plastic cable at the end of a long handle in order to cut grass or other plants in hard-to-reach locations or at irregular angles. Technically known as a "string trimmer," but more commonly known as a "weed-whacker"; sometimes hyphenated. You really need to start using the weed eater to cut the grass along the fence that the mower can't reach.
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n. an informer; a rat fink. (Rats eat cheese.) Some cheese-eater called the clerk and warned her we were coming.

smoke eater

n. a firefighter. A couple of off-duty smoke eaters wandered around the store doing a little shopping.
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lotus eater

Someone whose only interests are luxury and sensual pleasures, a sybarite. In The Odyssey, Odysseus and his crew encounter the Lotus Eaters, island inhabitants who spend their lives eating a narcotic that causes them to be drowsy and disinterested in anything but their own pleasure, sort of Homeric Flower Children. Several crew members partook and had to be dragged back to the ship to which they were chained until they kicked the habit.
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