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A man who lacks or does not conform to stereotypical masculine characteristic; an effeminate male. (From the book Real Men Don't Eat Quiche (1982) by Bruce Feirstein.) Well, it's no surprise that a quiche-eater like yourself won't put up a fight when his honor is being insulted! So I'm considered a quiche-eater just because I don't swill beer all day and hold sexist opinions?


1. An animal that has is or purportedly likely to eat humans. Most often applied to sharks and big cats such as lions. The great white shark is a confirmed man-eater, having already attacked two victims right near the beach.
2. A woman who has a reputation for having romantic relationships with many men. Jill dated so many men during college that her roommates began to call her a man-eater behind her back.

lotus eater

One who indulges in idleness, luxury, and pleasure. From The Odyssey, but Homer, the Lotus Eaters were inhabitants of an island who spent every day eating flowers that made them interested in nothing but their own comfort and pleasure. Lounging on the beach of the tiny Greek island, I began dreaming up ways I could become a lotus eater there forever.
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n. an informer; a rat fink. (Rats eat cheese.) Some cheese-eater called the clerk and warned her we were coming.

smoke eater

n. a firefighter. A couple of off-duty smoke eaters wandered around the store doing a little shopping.
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and weed-eater
n. a smoker of marijuana. The weedheads are taking over this neighborhood.



lotus eater

Someone whose only interests are luxury and sensual pleasures, a sybarite. In The Odyssey, Odysseus and his crew encounter the Lotus Eaters, island inhabitants who spend their lives eating a narcotic that causes them to be drowsy and disinterested in anything but their own pleasure, sort of Homeric Flower Children. Several crew members partook and had to be dragged back to the ship to which they were chained until they kicked the habit.
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