eat (someone or something)

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eat (someone or something)

1. To pay the cost of something. If we sent the wrong file to the printer, then we'll just have to eat the cost of the fliers and start over again.
2. To cause one to worry. What's eating you? Did something bad happen?
3. vulgar slang To perform cunnilingus.
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eat it

1. rude slang An interjection by a speaker who is annoyed or frustrated with someone else. Eat it, Ben! You cheated on me, remember?
2. slang To fall down, usually in an especially clumsy manner. Whoa, she really ate it on the ice out there—is she OK?
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eat me

vulgar slang An expression of anger and dismissal directed at someone who is irritating or who one has contempt for. Potentially offensive, as it can also be used to refer to oral sex. Oh, eat me, will you? I refuse to do anything you say!
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1. tv. [for something] to bother or worry someone. Nothing’s eating me. I’m just the nervous type.
2. tv. to absorb the cost or expense of something. We’ll eat the costs on this one. It’s the least we can do.
3. tv. to perform oral sex on someone. (Usually objectionable.) She said she wanted to eat me!
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References in classic literature ?
"Many large and fierce bears roam in the Valley of Voe, and when they can catch any of us they eat us up; but as they cannot see us, we seldom get caught."
"The dama-fruit is the most delicious thing that grows, and when it makes us invisible the bears cannot find us to eat us up.
Let us get on to the ship before they eat us! Help, help!--The sharks!
Many thousands died in it, but we destroyed those who came to eat us up.
Thurle's so ready to take farms under you, it's a pity but what he should take this, and see if he likes to live in a house wi' all the plagues o' Egypt in't--wi' the cellar full o' water, and frogs and toads hoppin' up the steps by dozens--and the floors rotten, and the rats and mice gnawing every bit o' cheese, and runnin' over our heads as we lie i' bed till we expect 'em to eat us up alive--as it's a mercy they hanna eat the children long ago.
The Manyuema called us many names, saying that they would eat us all before they left our country--that this was our punishment for killing their friends last year.
Happen what will, the devil take them, they can't eat us."
"He will bring Numa to eat us, as he is bringing him to eat Goro.
And'who should eat us?' Discover what could happen if your food started talking back in Eaten at the Macrobert Arts Centre on Saturday January 26 at 2pm.
Human history is a timeline of things that we have had to be afraid, from a monster eating the sun to real animal monsters wanting to eat us. Fear is such a part of the human psyche that we create things to be afraid of.
As meat-addicted dogs and cats threaten to eat us to extinction, some pet food startups are pioneering sustainable puppy snacks based on high-protein, low-emission insects.I still love my dog.
Liam Rowley, head of strategic developments at Sports Direct, called on retailers to "work together", adding "otherwise Amazon is going to eat us for lunch".
Liam Rowley, head of strategic developments at Sports Direct, called on retailers to "work together", adding: "Otherwise, Amazon is going to eat us for lunch."
'The pastor tried to reason with them for more than three hours but they kept telling him they would kill and eat us,' she said.
What we call the system that easily eat us up rather us reforming it is our collective patterns.