eat (one's) lunch

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eat (one's) lunch

slang To defeat one. I've been practicing really hard because I refuse to let my nemesis eat my lunch again.
See also: eat, lunch

eat someone's lunch

Sl. to best someone; to defeat, outwit, or win against someone. (Like a school bully taking away children's lunches and eating them.) The upstart ABC Computer Company is eating IBM's lunch.
See also: eat, lunch

eat somebody’s ˈlunch

(American English, business) take away another company’s business or their share of the market: Unless we’re careful, foreign competitors will eat our lunch.
See also: eat, lunch
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Some would eat their lunch because they came to school without breakfast.
On the "fast eating" day, the participants were told to eat their lunch as quickly as possible without feeling uncomfortable, to take large bites and chew quickly, and to not pause or put their utensils down between bites.
There will be themed arty activities for youngsters to choose from as they eat their lunch.
It'll be very pleasant for people to eat their lunch and see the sea.
Even if they were to sit somewhere quiet and eat their lunch, that would be preferable to waving their food about whilst they eat and no doubt talk to each other.
Second-graders Dulce Ramirez, Amel Karraa and Coral Garcia eat their lunch at Hart Street Elementary School in Canoga Park.
Pupils on a school trip have been left out in the cold to eat their lunch by the National Assembly.
Children who did not have breakfast may be hungry and eat their lunch on the bus in route to camp--or, in the worst-case scenario, there might not be appropriate items available for a sack lunch at home.
An area for skateboarding and a space for office workers to eat their lunch will be built at the site.
While it isn't easy to fit family obligations into business hours, when many of the milestones in a child's life occur, many financial executives are making the effort to watch their children don their cleats or toe shoes - or, like Matt Peiffer, simply be there as they eat their lunch.
Children at a primary school are having to eat their lunch sitting on the FLOOR.
But TurboTax and TaxCut had better watch out - a 2004 startup called TaxNet is about to eat their lunch.
The children also sit together at tables to eat their lunch with a grace said before every meal.
A survey of 1,000 staff by office furniture firm Roneo Systems Furniture found the vast majority were keen to have somewhere they could relax, take a break, or eat their lunch.
The over-riding consensus was that everybody wanted an area away from their desks where they could relax and eat their lunch.