eat salt

eat (one's) salt

To stay at someone's house. I feel bad eating Jim's salt for a week, but his house is closer to the meeting site than any hotel.
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eat someone's salt

Rur. to be someone's guest. The least you can do when you're eating someone's salt is to help them out around the house. That good-for-nothing Jim was flirting with Bill's wife at the same time he was eating Bill's salt.
See also: eat, salt
References in classic literature ?
After I had begun to eat some I gave some to my man, who seemed very glad of it, and liked it very well; but that which was strangest to him was to see me eat salt with it.
He had a distinct recollection of having once consented to eat salt butter, and he had, moreover, on an occasion of sudden sickness in the house, so far forgotten himself as to carry a coal-scuttle up to the second floor.
Rajan also explained that when a loved one dies, they don't eat salt for 12 days.
The judge seemed to believe Sarita Nair's statement as the gospel truth when he also made a cryptic statement that "those who eat salt should drink water".
Salt was identified as the best medium for delivering iodine because most people have access and eat salt in small quantities every day, enough to achieve the required iodine intake," Ubial said.
The court heard that starving Daniel was forced to scavenge for scraps in bins and was made to eat salt if he was caught taking food.
It's premature to say: 'You shouldn't eat salt because you'll get an autoimmune disease,'" said one of the study authors, Aviv Regev from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
It is traditional to eat salt, meat and peas on that day.
He added that the Congress may tell people not to eat salt or ban the eating of Amul butter and milk as these were produced in Gujarat.
The prosecution allege he was forced to eat salt by the Gays, who also handled him "inappropriately" by shaking him, or banging his head against a mattress.
If anyone ever tells you that they don't eat salt, check their pulse or at least take it, well, with a grain of salt.
Ian Gay and his wife Angela were each jailed for five years earlier this month for killing the three year-old after forcing him to eat salt.
The importance of this mineral in Native American cultures is exemplified by the worship of a Salt Mother by Pueblo Indians and selective criteria in the Hopi tribe to determine who is permitted to eat salt.
This Festival is not about a 'food'; nobody would like to eat salt alone," said Nacar.
EVEN though Daniel was starved, beaten and forced to eat salt in the months before he died, his last few days were even more agonising.