eat (one's) hat

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eat (one's) hat

A humorous action that one will allegedly take if something very unlikely happens. Kevin is always late, so if he actually shows up on time, I'll eat my hat.
See also: eat, hat

eat one's hat

Fig. a phrase telling the kind of thing that one would do if a very unlikely event really happens. If we get there on time, I'll eat my hat. I'll eat my hat if you get a raise. He said he'd eat his hat if she got elected.
See also: eat, hat

eat one's hat

Declare one's certainty that something will not happen or is untrue. This hyperbolic expression almost always follows an if-clause, as in If he's on time, I'll eat my hat, that is, "I'll consume my headgear if I'm wrong." Charles Dickens used it in Pickwick Papers (1837): "If I knew as little of life as that, I'd eat my hat and swallow the buckle whole." [First half of 1800s]
See also: eat, hat

eat your hat

If you say that you will eat your hat if a particular thing happens, you mean that you do not believe that it will happen. I will eat my hat if the Social Democrats get in at the next general election. He has promised to eat his hat if he is wrong.
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I’ll eat my ˈhat!

(spoken) used to say that you think something is very unlikely to happen: They’re always late — if they get here before eight o’clock, I’ll eat my hat.
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eat one’s hat

tv. to do something extraordinary. (Always with if.) I’ll eat my hat if our advertisement actually brings us a president.
See also: eat, hat
References in classic literature ?
If they aren't divine I will eat my hat. Yes, I will do your head and then - nunc dimittis.'
The tournament truly sparked to life in the heavyweight clash between Spain and Portugal, and if there's a finer game in this tournament I'll eat my hat! Cristiano Ronaldo once again proved himself as the best player to have ever graced this planet with a scintillating hat trick, including a late trademark free kick to rescue a point.
And if Puel can get him firing again then I will be more than happy to eat my hat.
If you can find 150,000 people willing and able, I'll eat my hat.
If I see one within the said time I shall eat my hat.
I am writing this in response to Arwa Mahdawi's The Views article ("If plus-size modelling is glorification of obesity, I'll eat my hat", Gulf News, August 9)
She went on to reveal that when she told Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate of the airline's intention--and timescale--he replied: "You know Carolyn, they're never going to do it, and if they do, I will eat my hat." Mr Wingate--perhaps coincidentally not wearing a hat--later praised all involved in the project and said the facility's on-schedule opening: "was never in doubt!"
Just before it, BBC commentator Thomas Woodrooffe had said "if there's a goal scored now, I'll eat my hat".
IF we make truly positive changes in the way our habits are decimating the environment then I will eat my hat.
It was greeted with disbelief by former Lib Dem leader Lord Ashdown who said he would "eat my hat" if it turned out to be correct.
''If I can't answer one question I'll eat my hat!'' Kelly bragged.
I'm pretty sure that this will turn out to be a cribellate construction, although I may have to eat my hat. There's nothing in it that can't be seen in other spider constructions, reaching all the way back to the ropy trip lines of the mesotheles."
If Parliament's new measures succeed I'll eat my hat, Their policies aren't working and that is simply that.
I'll eat my hat if that doesn't win." He wasn't wearing a hat, which concerned me (never trust a man who says he'll eat his hat if he is not in possession of a hat), but I liked his confidence.