eat (one's) hat

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eat (one's) hat

A humorous action that one will allegedly take if something very unlikely happens. Kevin is always late, so if he actually shows up on time, I'll eat my hat.
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eat one's hat

Fig. a phrase telling the kind of thing that one would do if a very unlikely event really happens. If we get there on time, I'll eat my hat. I'll eat my hat if you get a raise. He said he'd eat his hat if she got elected.
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eat one's hat

Declare one's certainty that something will not happen or is untrue. This hyperbolic expression almost always follows an if-clause, as in If he's on time, I'll eat my hat, that is, "I'll consume my headgear if I'm wrong." Charles Dickens used it in Pickwick Papers (1837): "If I knew as little of life as that, I'd eat my hat and swallow the buckle whole." [First half of 1800s]
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eat your hat

If you say that you will eat your hat if a particular thing happens, you mean that you do not believe that it will happen. I will eat my hat if the Social Democrats get in at the next general election. He has promised to eat his hat if he is wrong.
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I’ll eat my ˈhat!

(spoken) used to say that you think something is very unlikely to happen: They’re always late — if they get here before eight o’clock, I’ll eat my hat.
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eat one’s hat

tv. to do something extraordinary. (Always with if.) I’ll eat my hat if our advertisement actually brings us a president.
See also: eat, hat
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com/falcon-heavy-launch-spacex-sends-tesla-roadster-starman-payload-2650398) launch of the Falcon Heavy , and ended up promising to eat his hat.
A MONOPOLY chief making a Teesside version of the famous board game were forced to eat his hat after losing a bet.
Former Lib Dem leader Lord Ashdown, who said he would eat his hat if the Tories won outright, claimed the polls affected how people voted.
Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord (Paddy) Ashdown who unwisely promised to eat his hat over the number of Lib Dem MPs he thought likely after the General Election.
If Mr Tyers can find me the relevant papers that state the government will sell off chunks of the NHS/education system I will sit down with Paddy Ashdown and help him to eat his hat.
Best comedy award to pompous Paddy Ashdown for solemnly promising to eat his hat if the Lib Dems failed to win more than 10 seats.
Lib Dem strategist Lord Paddy Ashdown simply refused to believe the Beeb's figures, promising to eat his hat if they proved correct.
He wasn't wearing a hat, which concerned me (never trust a man who says he'll eat his hat if he is not in possession of a hat), but I liked his confidence.
Wilson had already declared he would eat his hat if the Americans won.
Poker legend Amarillo Slim says that, should a woman win the World Series of Poker, he'll eat his hat but, given how the game's popularity has blossomed among the fairer sex, maybe the old-timer should contemplate having a headpiece made in the form of a cake.
The colt was a rank outsider and leading racing correspondent Clive Graham had promised to eat his hat if Anselmo finished in the first six.
A Peninsulite resident wrote to Liverpool JLA saying that,if an aircraft was more than 750ft above him as it flew over his ab ode,he would eat his hat.
He boasted that if Labour won by 7000, he would eat his hat.
At 10pm on election night Thursday, May 7, on national television, the former leader of the Lib-Dems, Paddy Ashdown, stated that if his party won the 10 or fewer seats in the House of Commons (predicted at the time in an exit poll) after the election, he would eat his hat.