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A few minutes later he came suddenly upon Bara, the deer, asleep beneath a tree, and as Tarzan was hungry he made a quick kill, and squatting beside his prey proceeded to eat his fill. As he was gnawing the last morsel from a bone his quick ears caught the padding of stealthy feet behind him, and turning he confronted Dango, the hyena, sneaking upon him.
He had come to eat his fill without labor--Tarzan had told him that that should be his reward, and he was satisfied.
Talking easily, he filled a trencher with bread and meats, poured wine and told Nick to eat his fill.
You've heard of the very hungry caterpillar, but here is a lion who cannot seem to ever eat his fill. From rusty cans to subway trains, the lion eats insatiably until he meets Mama Onions who runs the Takeaway Paradise Cafe.
Not only does he get to eat his fill of a tasty meal every day but he also gets a whole host of employee benefits.