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These toxic beliefs eat away at us and keep us stuck.
I don't want there to be any tension between us because I want to preserve our friendship but I feel that if I can't talk about our liaison then it will only eat away at us both and ruin our friendship.
So now we have seven league games to focus on, and should we manage to play to the ability we have over the past couple of weeks and not let last night eat away at us we could still be named Premiership champions.
And Barry vowed: "We will not let this eat away at us or destroy our lives."
"When you try and sum up the season, everything was in our hands until a couple games before the end and that is the biggest thing that will eat away at us - we only have ourselves to blame."
"We can't allow it to just slowly eat away at us during the match - we have to affect the game.
"For some reason they are able to eat away at us and niggle us - and we just end up losing our shape and panicking.