eat (away) at (someone or something)

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eat (away) at (someone or something)

1. To continually bother or worry someone. The precarious state of my finances has really begun to eat at me. I'm worried that your critical comments have begun to eat away at Tiffany—she seems very subdued these days.
2. To erode or wear something away. Don't use that harsh cleaner—it will eat away at a soft metal like this.
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eat (away) at someone

Fig. [for a problem] to trouble someone constantly. The nasty situation at work began to eat away at me. Nagging worries ate at me day and night.
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eat (away) at something

Fig. to erode something. The acid ate away at the metal floor. Fingers have a mild acid that eats at the metal of the door handle.
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eat away at

Destroy gradually, erode; also, worry one constantly. For example, The sea has been eating away at the outer banks for years, or The fact that he failed the test is eating away at him. [Early 1800s]
See also: away, eat
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The difficulty at Veggie Lovers stems from the fact that everything is so low-priced that there's a tendency to over-order, ending up with a table crammed with different food items, way too much for any party fewer than a busload to eat at one sitting.
Guests can also have a bite to eat at one of the wonderful restaurants located on the brand new $460 million Waikiki Beach Walk surrounding the hotel, including Roy's[R] Waikiki, Yard House, Ruth's Chris[R] Steak House, and Holokai Grill.
She tends to Easy as if he were a son, yet when it comes time for a meal she refuses to sit with him, making Easy eat at one of three other tables in her overcrowded dining room.
Additionally, customers who give blood and eat at one of the restaurants between now and September 22nd will receive a $5 gift certificate to be used at any ZAO location.