eat at

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eat (away) at (someone or something)

1. To continually bother or worry someone. The precarious state of my finances has really begun to eat at me. I'm worried that your critical comments have begun to eat away at Tiffany—she seems very subdued these days.
2. To erode or wear something away. Don't use that harsh cleaner—it will eat away at a soft metal like this.
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eat (away) at someone

Fig. [for a problem] to trouble someone constantly. The nasty situation at work began to eat away at me. Nagging worries ate at me day and night.
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eat (away) at something

Fig. to erode something. The acid ate away at the metal floor. Fingers have a mild acid that eats at the metal of the door handle.
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Technically speaking, you're not skipping the meal if you eat at your desk, hit a drive-thru or log onto the Internet and have one of those new lunch delivery services drop something off at your office.
Eat at Joe's is a 1950's-style restaurant chain that seeks to meet the growing need among the working class or the residential populous for good tasting, home-cooked meals, served three times a day at affordable prices and with first-rate service.
Eat at Joe's targets locals, rather than tourists, and the food quality, extended hours, prices and friendly service capture the fast food value that patrons have come to enjoy and expect.
Naldini said on the program that patrons are looking for much more than an average meal and a place in which to eat it, and Eat at Joe's satisfies that need.
Eat at Joe's serves home-cooked American meals at eight diner-style restaurants in southern New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland.
OTC BB:JOES), an emerging 1950s style diner restaurant chain, announced today the opening of its Eat at Joe's Restaurant at The Gallery at Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Md.
We are pleased to have opened our seventh Eat at Joe's Restaurant, since November 1997, in such an ideal location as Baltimore's Inner Harbor, a popular tourist destination as well as conveniently located near the downtown Baltimore business district and the Oriole's Stadium," said Joseph Fiore, chairman and CEO of Eat at Joe's.
With seating for approximately 100, Eat at Joe's at The Gallery at Baltimore's Inner Harbor, will be offering affordable breakfast, lunch and dinner in the same nostalgic chrome and neon 1950s diner environment as in its other locations.
Additional Eat at Joe's Restaurants are slated for opening this year in Moorestown Mall, N.
SlimSmart uses silent vibration to prompt the user to eat at a slower pace, and to signal when it is time to stop eating to meet the user's weight loss goals.
Cuisine Naturelle allows people who pay close attention to what they eat at home to maintain these healthy eating habits on the road.