easy touch

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an easy touch

1. A kind and tender way of acting. I don't have the patience to be a kindergarten teacher, but you'll be great at it because you have a really easy touch.
2. Someone who is easy to control or bend to one's wishes. Julia is an easy touch—we can get her to help us with this prank.
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easy touch

One who is easy to control or manipulate; one who bends to the desires or demands of others. My poor dad was always such a easy touch, always jumping through hoops to do anything his boss told him to. Julia is a easy touch—I bet we can get her to shoplift for us.
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a soft/an easy ˈtouch

(informal) a kind and perhaps easily deceived person whom people ask for money, help, etc: Ask Tony to lend you some money. He’s a soft touch. OPPOSITE: a tough customer/cookie Touch was a slang term used by criminals to refer to the act of stealing something from someone, particularly from a pocket. A soft or easy touch was someone that it was easy to steal from.
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EASY TOUCH incorporates a graphical error display and error memory history to investigate reasons for any problems, with a lubrication display to also remind the operator of the need to lubricate the machine at the end of the day's production, thereby extending the life of the clipping automats.
Although I believe the rig was American built and manned mainly by Americans, I feel BP are having to take all responsibility for this disaster, as they are considered an easy touch in the USA for being sued.
GORDON STRACHAN has warned Celtic's SPL rivals not to think the champions will be an easy touch next season.
After sealing the first Frizzell County Championship victory of the season Glamorgan have been challenged to show their remaining opponents they are no longer an easy touch.
But the fickle Stour, with fluctuating flows, depth changes, pools and varying widths that test casting skills, is not an easy touch.
Controlled by an easy touch screen offering electronic programme memory, the machine copes with a wide range of film, including re-sealable options with a gas flushing option.
He was a very vulnerable member of society and seen as an easy touch for money and valuables.
THIS country has become an easy touch - but not for me.
EYAL BERKOVIC is praying Israel draw Scotland in the Euro 2000 play-offs next month - because he reckons we're an easy touch.
College kids have always been an easy touch for ideologues, like Duke, who sell hate under the guise of free speech.
IRELAND is an easy touch for sex traffickers and until tough new legislation becomes law it will remain that way.
If Blair and his motley crew had not offered our system to every scrounger who sees this country as an easy touch there would be no need for such a disgusting proposal .
Teachers have been the whipping boys of British industry for several generations, an easy touch who can always be held in check with emotional appeals to their consciences.
United have lost just once at home all season, yet they won't find Liverpool an easy touch.
But let us hope that Ashin's action will convince burglars that places of worship are not an easy touch.