easy touch

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an easy touch

1. A kind and tender way of acting. I don't have the patience to be a kindergarten teacher, but you'll be great at it because you have a really easy touch.
2. Someone who is easy to control or bend to one's wishes. Julia is an easy touch—we can get her to help us with this prank.
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easy touch

One who is easy to control or manipulate; one who bends to the desires or demands of others. My poor dad was always such a easy touch, always jumping through hoops to do anything his boss told him to. Julia is a easy touch—I bet we can get her to shoplift for us.
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a soft/an easy ˈtouch

(informal) a kind and perhaps easily deceived person whom people ask for money, help, etc: Ask Tony to lend you some money. He’s a soft touch. OPPOSITE: a tough customer/cookie Touch was a slang term used by criminals to refer to the act of stealing something from someone, particularly from a pocket. A soft or easy touch was someone that it was easy to steal from.
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The alarms feature "attractive, modern designs" and the Easy Touch cover, which allows users to activate the test function by pressing the cover.
The product will be available with a pre-filled pen with an easy touch button, allowing doses of up to 80 units in a single injection.
(-7.2%) Market Dollar sales Dollar sales LEADING BRANDS** share (000) % change Pilot G2 15.0% $1,951 +0.3% Sanford Sharpie 6.6% 866 -8.9% Paper Mate Profile 4.6% 604 -6.8% Uni Ball Signo 207 4.5% 583 -1.2% Paper Mate & Write Brothers 3.5% 455 -16.9% Pilot Easy Touch 3.3% 432 -37.1% Pilot Precise VS 2.9% 374 +1.2% Paper Mate 1.2 2.6% 341 +3.6% BIC Atlantis 2.6% 334 +131.7% Pilot B2P 2.2% 285 +79.7% TOTAL UNIT SALES* 10.8 mil.
"I'm afraid the courts know that the only way to stop this sort of behaviour is to pass sentences which make it clear, absolutely clear, to those who may think it is an easy touch - that one - it is not an easy touch - and two - the sentences will be long," the judge told Law.
Maybe Nicholls reckons it's an easy touch for a Grade1, but this horse was well beaten in Cheltenham last week.
"We don't want the voluntary/ community sector to be seen as a soft target or easy touch, because they help us deliver front line services."
Reid said: "Stranraer are certainly not an easy touch.
"Kevin Manning rides her in all her work and said we could take her to Leopardstown, but we thought we could come here for an easy touch and found everyone fancied the second!
Yet while his new charges faced a side defeated in four of their past six outings, Stoke will never be an easy touch under Tony Pulis.
Threatened in many cases by those who find Wales an easy touch when it comes to crackpot schemes and milking the system.
"But I don't think United will be coming here thinking Everton are an easy touch and it's an easy place to get a result.
His lodgers, Billy Sage, 38, and girlfriend Lyndsay Bowden, 29, were alcoholics too and regarded Mr Bannan as an "easy touch".
Conway's performance was testimony to the new work ethic Levein has installed in a side who were an easy touch in the early part of the season.
Could it because we're an easy touch, and look after our visitors before we look after our own?
At the show they demonstrated the new EASY TOUCH touchscreen interface developed by Poly-clip to makes clipper control even easier.