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In his words, in Brussels, it is very easy to look at things from a distance without being aware of the challenges.
Psychologist Hope Bastine said: "It's easy to look at the results of this study from a glum perspective, but on the flip side it does show we're a glass-half-full nation."
It would be easy to look at this fixture and think a point would be a decent result, yet the Saints have won just once in the last six games - and that was against a pretty hopeless-looking Crystal Palace side.
Yes, it is easy to look at these summits with a deal of scepticism when it comes to the overall effectiveness based on what seems like blue-sky thinking.
Winter Olympics BBC, from 5am THE men's curling starts today and it's all too easy to look at the draw for the event as if it was football's World Cup, writes Graham Woods.
It's easy to look at her and have this paternal thing for her."
It is relatively easy to look at nodules, so I suggest you see your GP.
IT is easy to look at figures like those published by health boards in Wales and dismiss them as yet another statistic.
Susie, who is originally from Oban but now lives in Switzerland, said: "It would be easy to look at his comments and say they are negative and sexist.
It is easy to look at any public expenditure (or as I see it in this case, investment) and calculate how many nurses or fireman this would pay for.
"A lot of players will focus on the negatives without being reminded of the table, it's so easy to look at the one missed tackle or one person out of position,'' he said.
It is easy to look at Boro's remaining matches and panic at the daunting task in front of Gareth Southgate's side - but look at the scary dates facing the rest of the trapdoor dancers too.
Although it's not always easy to look at, it is one beautiful bummer.
It's easy to look at fascist Italy or Nazi Germany and identify these nations as the sole source of fascist thinking--but fascism has influenced Western Europe beyond and between the major wars and appeals to various groups to this day.
It is never easy to look at ourselves in the mirror and be honest.