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Everyday Easy comes from a model who became a patisserie chef, and takes familiar dishes and turns them into special creations simply by adding a few common ingredients, from bacon to rosemary or balsamic vinegar.
A kidnapping is suspected, since the missing young woman, Rosemary Goldsmith (who Easy comes to think of as the titular Rose Gold), missing from her dorm at UC Santa Barbara for two weeks, is the daughter of a very wealthy weapons manufacturer and philanthropist.
Nothing easy comes quickly; nothing worthwhile comes without effort or waiting for just a bit.
While Kinda Easy comes alive when stepping onto the Wimbledon sand - remember him landing his first two rounds of the Derby this summer?
According to the company, BusinessMap24 Easy comes with an easy-to-use set-up wizard and address importer, and features proximity search; an interactive map-based location searcher; detailed location maps and route planning to business locations.
Nothing easy comes out of Cornwall and Redruth are in fourth place on merit," he said earlier this week.
The Roll Easy comes with two different rollers that reportedly are easy to use and change.
Easy comes to rely on old instincts for self-preservation as the story finds him returning to once-familiar territory.
The most casual users will quit until something easy comes along,'' said Heath Terry, an analyst with Credit Suisse First Boston in San Francisco.
Often, after the mystery has been solved and the bad guy punished, even Easy comes off looking like not a very admirable person.
The best example for me of the argument that the use of technology is easy comes from a frequently aired television commercial for America Online.