easy as A, B, C

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easy as ABC

Extremely easy. Come on, give me a hard one! These equations are easy as ABC!
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*easy as A, B, C

 and *easy as falling off a log; *easy as rolling off a log; *easy as (apple) pie; *easy as duck soup
very easy. (*Also: as ~.) If you use a cake mix, baking a cake is easy as A, B, C. Mountain climbing is as easy as pie. Finding your way to the shopping center is easy as duck soup. Getting out of jail was easy as rolling off a log.
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References in classic literature ?
To look at your face one would have inferred that carrying the weight of your body up a rope hand over hand was a very commonplace accomplishment--as easy as rolling off a log.
Why, I could make anything a body wanted -- anything in the world, it didn't make any difference what; and if there wasn't any quick new-fangled way to make a thing, I could invent one -- and do it as easy as rolling off a log.