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In addition to the system's flexibility, Centrex service offers businesses ease of scalability.
Ease of Ownership (ease of installation, customization and upgrade)*
An asymmetric directive was consistent with the view shared by most members that the risks to the expansion were biased to the downside, but no member expressed a strong presumption about the likely need to ease policy during the weeks ahead.
Our Web-centric, standards-based architecture allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition in the areas of ease of use, ease of deployment, and integration with existing IT assets," said Kia Behnia, Marimba's vice president of marketing.
While none of these members wanted to rule out the potential need to ease monetary policy significantly further, they preferred to pause and wait for additional evidence before such action was taken, especially given the further stimulus that could be anticipated from previous easing moves.
2E offers unprecedented security and ease of deployment and unique drag-and-drop automated configuration tools.
The other members indicated that they could support an asymmetric directive toward ease though they preferred a symmetric intermeeting instruction, especially in the context of the further stimulus that could be expected to result over time from the earlier monetary easing actions.
Most also preferred to retain the current instruction in the directive that did not bias possible intermeeting adjustments toward ease or toward restraint.
Products from MDC Technology will be embedded in Fisher-Rosemount's DeltaV(tm) automation system to offer extraordinary ease of implementation and a higher return on customer investment for these important business improvement applications.
Also, monetary conditions in the United States continued to ease, and U.
Sonic Solutions announced today at the Audio Engineering Society Convention (AES) that Audio Ease and Prosoniq have become the newest members in Sonic's HDSP(TM) Partners Program -- a partnership between Sonic and leading developers of audio processing technology to deliver a full range of processing applications for 24-bit, 96 kHz High-Density Audio(TM) and in both stereo and surround formats.
In this view, the possibility of a continuing or even a deepening recession could not be ruled out, but the greater risks were in the direction of too much ease and of persisting or increasing inflation; consequently, the directive should envision any easing as a remote prospect.
Accordingly, the Committee should be willing to ease in response to evidence of asditional weakness in the economy and abatement of inflationary pressures; the need for further easing might be signaled in part by a continuing shortfall in monetary growth.
Key enhancements include the ability to provide extra wide product term allocation per macrocell, more flexible clocking, independent set and reset, and clock enable for each macrocell, further increasing design flexibility and ease of use.
However, because of their desire to ease reserve conditions only slightly in the near term, the members generally supported a proposal to gear open market operations toward allowing only about one-half of the proposed cut in the discount rate to be reflected immediately in the money market.