ease along

ease (someone or something) along

1. To help someone who has trouble moving to proceed, slowly and carefully. Ease grandma along because she's still a bit unsteady with her walker.
2. To physically move something slowly and carefully. Hey, ease that expensive piece of artwork along—don't scratch it!
See also: ease

ease someone or something along

to help someone or something to move along, very carefully. Just ease the piano along little by little. She eased the shy child along.
See also: ease
References in classic literature ?
The path was beaten so hard that the gentle female, who made one of the party, moved with ease along its windings; though the frost emitted a low creaking at the impression of even her light footsteps.
The idea is to ease along with a pushpole or trolling motor and cast up along the grass.
Sure, you must ease along like a snail in near proximity to game, but it is usually best to close the gap quickly when you see an animal several hundreds yards away.
During her first pregnancy, she was often spotted flaunting various designer cut dresses with extraordinary ease along with the baby bump.
Don't stir the pot and cause a fuss, Ease along, be magnanimous, And as your eyes peruse this text, You may well ask, what comes next?
They got on really well on Saturday, and had a couple of schnapps, which helped ease along the conversation.
Therefore, I continued to ease along in a zigzag fashion while focusing well ahead.
Higher OPEC exports continued to keep the structure at ease along with healthy gasoline inventory levels.
With a parachute attached to his back and a fire extinguisher in his hand, the tried to ease along the fuselage but slipped and was pulled through the flames before falling from a wing.
With a parachute attached to his back and a fire extinguisher in his hand, the sergeant attempted to ease along the fuselage.
And the sculptures such as Henry Moore's ``King and Queen'' look less severe and more at ease along a new walking path.
The poem reads: "The Spirit of Antiqnity - enshrined / In sumptuous buildings, vocal in sweet song, / In picture, speaking with heroic tongue, / And with devout solemnities entwined-/ Mounts to the seat of grace within the mind: / Hence Forms that glide with swan-like ease along, / Hence motions, even amid the vulgar throng, / To an harmonious decency confined: / As if the streets were consecrated ground, / The city one vast temple, dedicate / To mutual respect in thought and deed; / To leisure, to forbearances sedate; / To social cares from jarring passions freed; / A deeper peace than that in deserts found
As credit conditions begin to ease along with waning inflationary pressures, this should provide some mild relief to consumers and support private consumption activity.
This is a great time for anglers to ease along with a trolling motor or pushpole casting up close to the bank.
The following spring, when the Voyage of Discovery had entered what is now eastern Montana, Meriwether Lewis noted: "On joining Captain Clark, he informed me that he had seen a female and a fawn of the big-horned animal; that they ran for some distance with great apparent ease along the side of the river bluff where it was almost perpendicular.