ease along

ease (someone or something) along

1. To help someone who has trouble moving to proceed, slowly and carefully. Ease grandma along because she's still a bit unsteady with her walker.
2. To physically move something slowly and carefully. It took us a while to load the van because we had to ease all the expensive artwork along so we didn't scratch it.
See also: ease

ease someone or something along

to help someone or something to move along, very carefully. Just ease the piano along little by little. She eased the shy child along.
See also: ease
References in classic literature ?
The path was beaten so hard that the gentle female, who made one of the party, moved with ease along its windings; though the frost emitted a low creaking at the impression of even her light footsteps.
This is a great time to use a trolling motor or push pole to ease along the shoreline that's lined with marsh grass, oyster bars and tidal creeks.
Thank God, we received a report, and the prime minister's mind was put at ease along with everyone else's.
Sure, you must ease along like a snail in near proximity to game, but it is usually best to close the gap quickly when you see an animal several hundreds yards away.
While these roads are expected to be clogged with traffic as Christmas approaches, the city government expects traffic to ease along Taft Avenue starting Dec.
During her first pregnancy, she was often spotted flaunting various designer cut dresses with extraordinary ease along with the baby bump.
Don't stir the pot and cause a fuss, Ease along, be magnanimous, And as your eyes peruse this text, You may well ask, what comes next?
They got on really well on Saturday, and had a couple of schnapps, which helped ease along the conversation.
Nine years and two months, July 1971, I progressed in my Apprenticeship to making small Cocks, not yet qualified to attempt The skyscraper trams you made With fluent, absent Ease along the headlands, I kept to my designated area In the middle, lighter ranks.
Using a kayak, canoe or even a good set of waders, slip into the water and ease along with the wind in your face.
Therefore, I continued to ease along in a zigzag fashion while focusing well ahead.
Ice breakers carry commuters across the frozen St Lawrence river and pedestrians walk with ease along the expertly gritted sidewalks.
There is thus little need presently for fiscal demand stimulus, especially since monetary conditions are set to ease along with those of the euro area.
Higher OPEC exports continued to keep the structure at ease along with healthy gasoline inventory levels.
With a parachute attached to his back and a fire extinguisher in his hand, the tried to ease along the fuselage but slipped and was pulled through the flames before falling from a wing.