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EASE has been shown to benefit users at each point in the healthcare delivery process.
The MRCI WorkSource EASE Program volunteers fill a great need in the Mankato community, said Wade Hensel, BENCO Electric General Manager.
Other members, who saw the risks to the expansion as more evenly balanced, indicated a preference for a symmetric instruction in the directive; however, they could accept retention of the bias toward ease contained in the October 3 directive.
Ease of Ownership (ease of installation, customization and upgrade)*
All solutions are standards based, have an asynchronous core and are developed with ease of use and performance in mind.
Entrants were judged on six criteria: innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use, functionality, value, and support.
Ease is the extra wiggle room that's built into a garment--or to put it more formally, it's the difference between the size of an actual finished garment and the size of the body wearing it.
6 November 2015 - US-based ophthalmic lens manufacturer Vision Ease has expanded its product portfolio and distribution capabilities with the acquisition of South Korean optical lens manufacturer Daemyung Optical Co.
2 : lack of difficulty I completed the task with ease.
Frequency of Occurrence and Ease of Articulation of Sign Language Handshapes
The NC-1100 product line aims to establish the application proxy as an architectural best practice in the data center with 10X the performance and 10X the ease of deployment and management of previous generation application proxies.
To understand instructors" technology choices, we examine two key factors that influence the decision to use a certain type of technology--perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use (Davis, 1989, 1993; Koufaris, 2002; Szajna, 1996; Taylor & Todd, 1995; Venkatesh, 2000).
A White House fact sheet claimed: "The President's decision will promote national security, enhance the effectiveness of our export control system and ease unnecessary regulatory burdens on both government and industry.
The remaining amount of the condominium pricing premium is therefore a function of market forces that rest on two distinctive elements: die right to rent and the ease of sale.