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After the report of India becoming the first ever country to record the highest jump in World Bank's ease of doing business ranking, Jaitley took to Twitter and said, "The difference between the UPA and NDA - The ease of doing corruption has been replaced by the ease of doing business.
The EASE system was started in 2013 by a pediatric cardiac surgeon and two pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists, with a mission to reduce anxiety and provide transparency to nervous parents seeking information about their child's surgery and condition.
Most garments contain at least a minimal amount of ease for comfort and freedom of movement.
The acquisition doubles the size of Vision Ease while adding critical high-index cast lenses to its product portfolio, including 1.
The NC-1100's combination of performance and ease of use will drive greater adoption of application proxies as a best practice," said Sam Pointer, IT Network Manager for Atlanta Public Schools.
Technology Acceptance Model A hypothesized relationship between perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use is contained in the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (Davis, 1986).
Since there is limited rental market as a percentage of the total level of activity in this segment, I applied the total premium in the large apartment segment as due to the ease of sale element.
This past weekend Arctic Ease not only sponsored the Philadelphia Marathon, but we also wrapped over 12,000 knees, quads and ankles," said Carol Forden, president and CEO of Arctic Ease.
Design ease is the amount of additional ease beyond wearing ease that's added to a pattern in order to achieve a particular silhouette.
Moreover, as suggested by implied yields on interest rate futures contracts, market participants had come to expect that the Federal Reserve would ease the federal funds rate as much as 50 basis points by year-end and that the Bank of Japan might ease call rates again but by a smaller increment (roughly 25 basis points).
The Phoenixville, PA based company will be participating in the Health Expo and sponsoring the Massage Tent near the Finish Line providing runners with access to the Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Pads[R] and Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wraps[R].
A legislative package containing strong fiscal restraint measures would be expected to ease pressures in debt markets - indeed, enhanced prospects in this regard were probably already contributing to reduced long-term interest rates.
With pressures on resources having diminished and likely to ease somewhat further and with labor costs remaining subdued, the risk of continuing increases in inflation had fallen considerably; indeed, in the view of many members inflation should moderate over the projection period.
KACE, the leader in IT management solutions for mid-market organizations, today announced the availability of a new comparative white paper that finds KBOX system management appliances have significant cost and ease of deployment advantages over competitive offers.