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Above this earnings level - with one close exception - there were more men in each salary band than women.
The most prevalent measures (the majority of companies use more than one) include comparing actual performance to budgeted performance (64 percent), net income (39 percent), and earnings before interest and taxes (29 percent).
Women who received ADC probably continued to supplement it when and wherever possible, despite legislative language that discouraged earning.
These changes sought to remove some of the economic barriers associated with working and allow for the continuation of benefits until a recipient's earnings and employment benefits would ensure coverage.
In the third year, ABC Software Consultants hired Smith as a project manager; there she provided 600 hours of technology-related services, earning 20 points in business experience.
Students are racking up monumental debts to get through college, and liberal arts major are finding it more difficult to pay off their loans because of limited earning potential, a new study shows.
Freshman Meghan Corso stepped into the starting lineup and joined seven teammates in earning all-league honors.
shareholder is treated as directly owning the municipal bonds and earning the tax-exempt interest.
When the tie-up is in place, Swiss will be an earning and redemption partner in the frequent flyer programs of every Star carrier.
Among the athletic directors at the Pac-10's eight public schools, Oregon's Bill Moos - whose contract is heavily tied to incentives - and Arizona's Jim Livengood are the highest paid, each earning about $300,000.
Northwest has resurrected its Fly Free Faster promotion, allowing WorldPerks members to earn 10,000 bonus miles between June 1 and September 30 for completing one Qualifying Activity and earning at least five Partner Credits from participating WorldPerks program partners.
They began as assistants, and as they brushed up their English and studied child development at Mission College, all earned positions as teachers, working full time and earning more than $10 an hour with benefits.