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The purpose of this adjustment was to determine the taxpayer's earnings on a more economic basis - an earnings and profits (E&P) approach.
With the exception of Valencia High, which scored a four in the similar-schools ranking, Hart's high schools rated above average in both similar schools and statewide rankings, earning no lower than an eight statewide.
Hilton's three-way earning option, introduced on July 1 2004 as a limited-time promotion scheduled to expire on December 31 2004, has been extended indefinitely.
Sometimes, they learn from watching older siblings who are earning an allowance.
Vast has successfully completed the first phase of its earning agreement with Devon on the large fee simple land block it holds in SW Saskatchewan.
Upcoming features like TipJar and our sophisticated earning and ranking reports will greatly complement TypePad Text Ads as well as give our subscribers even more ways to pay for their accounts.
More than half of households earning $50,000 or more don't have an IRA, according to a survey by Smith Barney Inc.
Upon receipt of the Senior Oil and Gas Company's confirmation of earning, Tenaka issued its confirmation letter on April 29, 2005 to Wyn Developments Inc.
Once a pensioner reaches 70, there is no earning limit under either current law or the new bill.
5% working interest in twenty-six square miles ("the earning block") from the top of the Slave Point formation to the basement.
In an era of overwhelming compliance, Ceto and Associates, a national consulting firm, has worked with credit unions nationwide to help them convert non-interest earning assets to interest-earning assets.
While Ivanhoe is still earning an interest in the Project Property, it will have the right to participate in future financings by Entree, so as to maintain its proportional equity interest in Entree.
Unlike most rewards programs, which limit customers to one card for earning points, Hibernia Business Rewards allows the use of two enrolled cards per membership--one credit and one debit--to earn points," said John Gelis, Hibernia's manager of ATM and Card Products.
Upon Fronteer earning its 100% interest, Teck Cominco will retain a Net Smelter Return Royalty of 1% on the Agi Dagi Project and 2% on the Kirazli Project.
The Shura Council approved on Monday the new income tax law, which introduced widening the top tier tax bracket of 25%, formerly for those earning above EGP 10m, to include those earning EGP 250,000.