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nice little earner

A job or business that is very profitable. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. This photography gig that I got a few months ago turned out to be a nice little earner.
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a nice little earner

If you describe something as a nice little earner, you mean that it is something that you can make money from easily. T-shirts are a nice little earner and it's better than the dole.
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a nice little earner

a profitable activity or business. British informal
1996 Independent Today's children know a nice little earner when they see one.
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In comparison, before the TRAIN, only those minimum-wage earners, or those annually earning P120,000 (based on the 2017 highest minimum-wage rate, issued by the Philippine Wage and Productivity Commission) and below are exempted from income tax.
The authors caution that those identified as top earners based on short-horizon measures like annual earnings may not correspond to top earners based on lifetime labor market experience.
At the individual level (for both percent contribution and percentage Nash), the regressions include the treatment dummy variables, the one-, two-, and three-earner treatment dummies interacted with a dummy variable for whether or not the individual was an earner, as well as the individual's wealth as a percentage of the group's total wealth (percent wealth).
Unlike for dual earners, among single-earner men and women, spousal retiree health insurance has a relatively large effect on retirement.
However, results presented here suggest that it is important not to conflate reasons for working part time voluntarily or involuntarily with being a primary or secondary earner.
In March 2008, the then head of Yokohama City University's School of Medicine resigned for taking money from degree earners.
Utilizing a regression model that controlled for income, number of children, and household earner type, Rubin, Riney, and Molina found little independent effect of household earner type on expenditure shares for 16 consumption categories.
The third section of this book follows the recent trend in family-work literature by examining decisions from the vantage point of dual earner couples, not simply individual female workers.
Senior adults, recent college graduates, and family wage earners soon learned the advantages of career planning and JVS earned its reputation for individually tailored counseling and placement services.
Combining both lifestyle needs and sociodemographic information presents the picture of a second wage earner, who views employment in long-term care as a way of fulfilling home lifestyle needs.
Global Banking News-April 9, 2013--Bank of America Merrill Lynch top fees earner for Q1(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
We argue controlling for household specialization is crucial as it allows one to account for differences in labor supply within lesbian couples by earner status (primary or secondary).
SAN FERNANDO CITY, Philippines Minimum wage earners in the Ilocos region will get a salary increase.
An increase in the minimum wage, combined with a reduction in the personal income tax rate, puts more money into the wallets of minimum wage and low-income earners, Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan said.
Minimum wage earners in Metro Manila will be getting a P21 increase in their daily pay.