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nice little earner

A job or business that is very profitable. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. This photography gig that I got a few months ago turned out to be a nice little earner.
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a nice little earner

If you describe something as a nice little earner, you mean that it is something that you can make money from easily. T-shirts are a nice little earner and it's better than the dole.
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a nice little earner

a profitable activity or business. British informal
1996 Independent Today's children know a nice little earner when they see one.
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Due to its positioning as a crowdfunding product, "Stable Earner No.
At the individual level (for both percent contribution and percentage Nash), the regressions include the treatment dummy variables, the one-, two-, and three-earner treatment dummies interacted with a dummy variable for whether or not the individual was an earner, as well as the individual's wealth as a percentage of the group's total wealth (percent wealth).
Households where the main income earner is female have an average of Au826 in savings and typically save Au81 per month.
Unlike for dual earners, among single-earner men and women, spousal retiree health insurance has a relatively large effect on retirement.
However, results presented here suggest that it is important not to conflate reasons for working part time voluntarily or involuntarily with being a primary or secondary earner.
The ratios comparing the real consumption of two full-time earner households to the real consumption of single fulltime earner households (labeled "Ratio to 1 FT Wk.
students, major wage earners, and second career retirees, and
Using this identification strategy, we define the "primary" earner specializing in market work as the lesbian partner with higher annual earnings and the "secondary" earner specializing in household work as the lesbian partner with lower annual earnings.
All the top earners are classified as 'designated players' with the bulk of their salary not counting against the team's salary cap.
While the contestant can walk off with a whole year's salary as prize money, the wage earner who can convince them they have the highest salary also takes home pounds 3000.
In 9,300,000, or 75%, of one-earner households, the husband is the wage earner.
Because these data are taken from a file of individual income tax returns, they do not reveal the gender or age of the earner, nor do they indicate how much deferred income is being received by these earners.
According to a study published by Human Resources and Social Development Canada, each of these families has only one wage earner and these families are headed mostly by women.
It was a common practice at Dokkyo Medical University for a degree earner to provide 10,000-100,000 yen to a professor in charge of reviewing his or her thesis, according to the university.
HIGH earners could be hit with a new tax if the hated USC is abolished by Fine Gael, it was revealed yesterday.