earn (one's) stripes

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earn (one's) stripes

To prove that one is deserving of a particular position or designation. I told the recruiter that I earned my stripes as a teacher before moving into administration.
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earn one's stripes

Gain a position through hard work and accumulated experience. For example, She'd earned her stripes by serving for years as the governor's secretary and personal aide . This expression alludes to a military promotion or award, indicated by strips of chevron or braid added to the recipient's uniform and known as stripes since the early 1800s.
See also: earn, stripe

earn your stripes

If you earn your stripes, you gain enough experience to deserve a particular job or position. Mr. Thaddeus earned his stripes playing for such foreign bands as the London-based Pitiful Souls and Singapore's X-Periments. He has worked hard to earn his stripes as a skilled debater in the House of Assembly.
See also: earn, stripe
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The Villeins, pictured above, will be the main act of the night and the five-piece indie rockers promise to deliver a memorable set having earned their stripes sharing the stage with the likes of VIVA Brother and The Rumble Strips.
The cops certainly earned their stripes when they spotted the 48-year-old threatening to kill people, while on a night out in their zebra and monkey onesies.
Talk of dropping Sam or Jamie Roberts because of regional form is premature, as they have earned their stripes at Test level.
Holy Rosary Rovers (Elliot Armstrong, Chris Wainwright, Alex Jones) earned their stripes with a 3-1 win at St.
Noteworthy in torrid pre-sessions were Hurley heirs Jeff and Ryan, who earned their stripes with a broken arm and cracked skull, respectively.
For years, real estate management companies have earned their stripes with building owners by tending to the myriad details of keeping a property up and running--from handling repairs, to updating leases, to making sure the building is appropriately warm or cool.
It was the first time I had ever seen black teachers, the really dedicated ones who had earned their stripes in the old "colored" system.
The (also boomer-centric) mass news media still sees these people as leaders who earned their stripes, so it's difficult for younger people to organize.
BENLLECH side Treetops Tigers earned their stripes when they won the second leg of their Elim Garage Bodafon Cup tie 4-0 against Bangor's Mostyn Arms to clinch a comfortable 9-2 aggregate passage into the next round.
THE Green Army earned their stripes as they condemned Welsh/Scottish League basement boys Cross Keys to a fourth straight defeat.
PUPILS at four schools have earned their stripes as Climate Cops.
John Devereux made it into the club in the Eighties, while Allan Bateman, John Bentley and Alan Tait all earned their stripes by the time they played under Ian McGeechan on the victorious 1997 tour to South Africa.
Women participating in Springboard Enterprises' Venture Forums have earned their stripes through considerable academic achievement, impressive careers in the lab, prestigious positions in corporate divisions and by testing the entrepreneurial waters as team members of start up companies.
Two women who have earned their stripes in the fast-paced marketing world - Terri Langhans and Delia Passi - will share insights on distinguishing a brand, creating a unique competitive edge, and discovering what current and potential clients really want to hear and how to say it to them.