earn (one's) stripes

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earn (one's) stripes

To prove that one is deserving of a particular position or designation. I told the recruiter that I earned my stripes as a teacher before moving into administration.
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earn one's stripes

Gain a position through hard work and accumulated experience. For example, She'd earned her stripes by serving for years as the governor's secretary and personal aide . This expression alludes to a military promotion or award, indicated by strips of chevron or braid added to the recipient's uniform and known as stripes since the early 1800s.
See also: earn, stripe

earn your stripes

If you earn your stripes, you gain enough experience to deserve a particular job or position. Mr. Thaddeus earned his stripes playing for such foreign bands as the London-based Pitiful Souls and Singapore's X-Periments. He has worked hard to earn his stripes as a skilled debater in the House of Assembly.
See also: earn, stripe
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He earned his stripes singing in churches and busking on the street before he made his television debut.
Gary Barlow has already earned his stripes with The Girls and Finding Neverland.
He's earned his stripes, he's done the journey, he's come through the leagues.
Napa, 35, has earned his stripes as a deputy of Eric Altamirano for the NU Bulldogs and head coach of the Bullpups.
Having earned his stripes over 20 years ago as a circuit comic and one of the best telly warm-up men in the business, Lee was quickly promoted to being a regular face on comedy panel shows including They Think It's All Over (he was a team captain).
A WILDLIFE park visitor earned his stripes by posing for a selfie - with a zebra.
Jon Walters appeared to put Ireland on the road to victory with this perfect Aviva penalty HE'S EARNED HIS STRIPES ?
He has earned his stripes and proved he can manage at all levels.
WHEN it comes to raising charity cash Coventry's Lord Mayor certainly earned his stripes in the city centre yesterday.
RHYS DAVIES, who earned his stripes with two wins on the Challenge Tour last year and kick-started his European Tour career with victory in Morocco on Sunday, has played down suggestions he could adopt the role of local hero in the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor in October.
Cricket Australia is yet to announce who will lead the team following Ponting's decision to retire from Twenty20 internationals to concentrate on his Test and one-day career, but Ponting believes the 28-year-old Clarke, who was skipper for Australia's first three one-day internationals against England, has earned his stripes.
TV fans may know Cantone from his stints on Sex and the City or the nutty kids' show Steampipe Alley, but he's best-known in New York as a club comedian who's earned his stripes as a journeyman actor, most impressively last season in Richard Greenberg's The Violet Hour and the revival of Sondheim and Weidman's Assassins.
He's a strike legend, as passionate a football man as they come, he's earned his stripes in club management and is desperate to take Wales into a new era - step forward John Aldridge.
He had earned his stripes by the time King Henry VIII appointed him Archbishop of Canterbury in 1533.
His iconoclastic ``Madame X'' (1884), a dramatic, provocative portrait (labeled ``eccentric and erotic'' at the time) emerged as the first in a series of paintings where Sargent excelled - and subsequently where he earned his stripes - as a painter.