earn (one's) stripes

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earn (one's) stripes

To prove that one is deserving of a particular position or designation. I told the recruiter that I earned my stripes as a teacher before moving into administration.
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earn one's stripes

Gain a position through hard work and accumulated experience. For example, She'd earned her stripes by serving for years as the governor's secretary and personal aide . This expression alludes to a military promotion or award, indicated by strips of chevron or braid added to the recipient's uniform and known as stripes since the early 1800s.
See also: earn, stripe

earn your stripes

If you earn your stripes, you gain enough experience to deserve a particular job or position. Mr. Thaddeus earned his stripes playing for such foreign bands as the London-based Pitiful Souls and Singapore's X-Periments. He has worked hard to earn his stripes as a skilled debater in the House of Assembly.
See also: earn, stripe
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group Geri, 45, has also earned her stripes on Popstars: The Rivals, the X Factor and Australia's Got Talent.
Janine Nicandro, a 23-year-old lass from Pagsanjan, Laguna, has earned her stripes after her three-year training in the PBA D-League.
TULISA Contostavlos has committed a few fashion crimes but she's now earned her stripes in the style stakes.
Daseep earned her stripes as she tried to catch snowballs in her den at Dudley Zoo.
Then she earned her stripes by dashing to Holland for a performance on the Dutch X Factor last night.
The Sister of Charity also earned her stripes with combat vets by braving El Salvador's civil war and conflicts in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.
Rumors had been swirling for months about the fate of Garrick-Aug, the firm where she'd not only earned her stripes as a retail broker, but where she founded an international division responsible for attracting some of the world's most prominent retailers to Manhattan.
Kel's earned her stripes as a star, so is ready to retire (to the sea, to spend her days as a deck chair)
A GOVERNMENT minister earned her stripes when she adopted a tiger on a visit to Dudley Zoological Gardens.
KYLIE earned her stripes as the new face of posh Spanish jeweller Tous.
SINGER Nadine Coyle certainly earned her stripes with one of the hottest Girls Aloud gigs yet at the weekend.
A streaker in tiger paint earned her stripes at the Open golf championship yesterday.