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PTV Global earned Rs30 million from commercials, PTV Sports earned more than Rs630 million and from commercials it earned over Rs330 million.
Nationally, women in academics earned 88 cents of a male dollar, though those with master's degrees earned only 73 cents.
Amplify Earned Media with Paid Media Tactics: Communications professionals can extend their earned media efforts with paid media tactics such as amplification of a press release or earned media pick up through paid channels, earned media retargeting, or guaranteed news views.
Malaysians who earned more than RM6,000 could only be significantly observed when the survey was repeated in 2013.
Saad Amin, 50 M Freestyle, 508, 50 M Butterfly, 533, Total Points Earned
In the largest NHS trusts (income over PS425m), chief executives typically earned PS202,500 in 2015.
In 1975, a 38-year-old man typically earned 61% more than a woman.
The insurer has calculated that a man earning the typical wage for his age throughout his career will have earned his first million before he is 51 years old.
NIT Government Bond Fund (NIT GBF): During first nine months of FY11, NIT GBF earned a net income of Rs.
He earned $40 million for the film Alice in Wonderland and $35 million for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
Every time a member gets four hits, theyOll earn bonus miles in addition to the miles earned from that partner.
SITTING ATOP THE HEALTH INSURANCE BUSINESS with premiums earned of more than twice the second-place insurer is United healthcare Insurance company, which in 2008 had premiums of $32.15 billion, an amount 9.5% greater than the previous year.
There are more than 19,000 dentists in England and Wales, of which 382 earned more than pounds 300,000 before tax, excluding expenses.
2 : to deserve as a result of labor or service <He earned good grades.>
citizens are subject to federal income tax on all their income, wherever earned. U.S.