earn a crust

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earn a crust

To do work of any kind for a living; to earn money by some means. No, working in a canning factory isn't exactly glamorous, but we've all got to earn a crust somehow.
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earn a crust


earn your crust

If you earn a crust or earn your crust, you earn enough money to live on, especially by doing work you would prefer not to do. In his early days, he would do almost anything to earn a crust. You have to earn your crust somehow. Note: A crust means a piece of bread, especially a piece of the hard, outer part of the loaf.
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ˌearn a/your ˈcrust

(British English, informal) earn enough money to live on: He’s a musician now, but he used to earn a crust by cleaning windows.
The crust is the hard, outer surface of bread.
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WHEN people hear through the course of polite conversation that you earn your crust (and sometimes the whole loaf ) through journalism, it can be flattering when their ears prick up and a few questions about your career follow.
Come on Clr Pinnock, earn your crust and tell us all.
That's when you earn your crust. But we came back and turned it round."
So come on Barry Sheerman and Kali Mountford don't wring your hands over this by making a few feeble protests, earn your crust and put a stop to these plans.