earn (one's) stripes

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earn (one's) stripes

To prove that one is deserving of a particular position or designation. I told the recruiter that I earned my stripes as a teacher before moving into administration.
See also: earn, stripe

earn one's stripes

Gain a position through hard work and accumulated experience. For example, She'd earned her stripes by serving for years as the governor's secretary and personal aide . This expression alludes to a military promotion or award, indicated by strips of chevron or braid added to the recipient's uniform and known as stripes since the early 1800s.
See also: earn, stripe

earn your stripes

If you earn your stripes, you gain enough experience to deserve a particular job or position. Mr. Thaddeus earned his stripes playing for such foreign bands as the London-based Pitiful Souls and Singapore's X-Periments. He has worked hard to earn his stripes as a skilled debater in the House of Assembly.
See also: earn, stripe
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You have to stand by them, because they won't just blend in, they'll demand and command attention - so wherever you decide to put yours, make them work for you and earn their stripes.
DEREK ADAMS insists Ross County stars have to earn their stripes before emulating Caley Thistle and St Johnstone in the international arena.
Dave Cocks, lifeboat operations manager for Redcar, said: "The guys have worked hard to earn their stripes.
We are backing the draw at 14/5 with BetBright in what won't be a Tiger mauling, but will see the hosts earn their stripes.
Richard Kerr Zebre earn their stripes as Blues slip to humiliating defeat | Possibly the Blues were trying a bit too hard to score tries and so made mistakes.
4&5 Get the look Colin and Justin earn their stripes by waging war on a military-looking living room.
NUNEATON footballers can earn their stripes for Nuneaton Town and play for the club in the local Sunday leagues next season.
Still, with a dash of charisma and animation, Sergeant will soon earn their stripes.
TIGER FEAT: The kids of Dance Depot earn their stripes on stage; Picture: FRANK LOUGHLIN
BORO will have to earn their stripes on and off the pitch next season.