earn (one's) spurs

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earn (one's) spurs

To prove one's skill in a particular area. Once you've watched the triplets for an entire day, then you'll have earned your spurs as a caretaker, as far as I'm concerned. After getting my bachelor's degree, I earned my spurs as a teacher by working in underfunded urban schools.
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earn one's spurs

Fig. to prove oneself. After that rodeo, all the cowboys agreed that Sally had earned her spurs. He felt that he had earned his spurs when he received his Ph.D.
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earn your spurs


win your spurs

mainly BRITISH
COMMON If you earn your spurs or win your spurs, you show you are capable of doing something well, and can be relied on to do it well in the future. How did he earn his spurs for the toughest police job in the country? Kampelman had won his spurs as U.S. negotiator at the Madrid talks. Note: In medieval times, when a man was made a knight, he was sometimes given a pair of golden spurs.
See also: earn, spur
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KIDS EARN THEIR SPURS Young Tottenham stars Alli and Dier (below) stepped up to the international stage.
CELTIC boss Ronny Deila has stayed in Glasgow to hammer his first team into Champions League shape while his kids earn their Spurs in Helsinki.
AFTER a fabulous result at home last Saturday against one team from the capital, it is now time for the Toon to earn their Spurs in the big Smoke itself at White Hart Lane.
Aspiring bureaucrats in Brussels earn their spurs by piloting a new directive through the system, while 700-plus MEPs like to feel important.
Time for the sheriff and his deputies to hitch up their gunbelts and earn their spurs.
Devonish, 31, (pictured) believes just as himself, Campbell and Gardener had to do to in their fledgling days, they and world junior 100m champion Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, should earn their spurs before being elevated to senior level.
But Devonish, 31, believes that they and World Junior 100m champion Harry Aikines-Aryeetey should earn their spurs before being elevated to senior level.
Participants earn their spurs with the help of real cowboys and get to see almost every aspect of ranch life, including a branding demonstration, above.