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earmuff it

A warning that one should stop listening (perhaps by covering one's ears, in the manner of actual earmuffs). Earmuff it, kids! This story is not appropriate for your young ears.
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A warning that one should stop listening (perhaps by covering one's ears, in the manner of actual earmuffs). Earmuffs, kids! This story is not appropriate for your young ears.
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The aim of the tests presented in this paper was to establish the possibilities of reducing the impulse noise using 11 models of level-dependent hearing protectors at an outdoor shooting range (9 earmuffs and 2 earplugs).
The mould was designed to replicate the geometrical profile of the ear cups from the reference earmuff. Next, the setup was placed into the Collin hot press (Figure 1(b)) for fabrication.
Radians, manufacturer of safety gear for outdoor enthusiasts, offers several EARMUFFS AND SHOOTING GLASSES DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR YOUTH, all of which are 15 percent smaller than adult safety gear to provide a better fit.
With regard to infants' weight gaining, the findings showed that average weights at the first day and at the end of the intervention were 1489 (460.5) and 1573 (493.7) g, respectively, in the first group (earmuff).
American National Standard method for the measurement of real-ear protection of hearing protectors and physical attenuation of earmuffs. American National Standards Institute, New York 1974
Dollar-wise, our number one seller is the Howard Leight Impact Sport muff, a very good, inexpensive, electronic earmuff. It's easy to jump up from a $20 set of earmuffs to a $65 electronic set.
The ear-condition independent variable consisted of (a) EAR (AEARO) Noise Filter[TM] slow-recovery PVC foam earplug, (b) Peltor H9A passive earmuff, (c) Bose ANR earmuff, and (d) open ear (i.e., no HPD, unprotected).
Howard Leight has provided a pair of its Impact Sport Earmuffs, which intelligently amplify ow-level ambient sounds (such as conversation) while reducing harmful noise.
In Tom Beckstrand's March "Modern Sporting Rifles," two shooters are shown using ARs with their cheeks flush against the stocks while wearing earmuffs. I haven't found earmuffs that allow me to get my face against the stock without bumping them off.
The case also features storage for magazines and accessories --such as earmuffs and safety glasses.
Regular earmuffs work OK, but they can be hot and uncomfortable, and wearing them is a good way to irritate your coworkers who regularly have to yell to get your attention.
Georgia wears: Navy cardigan, pounds 10, patterned skirt, pounds 6, both from Primark; knitted earmuffs, pounds 10, Monsoon; mustard knit scarf, pounds 24, Joules; black leggings, pounds 6, M&S; boots, pounds 40, Clarks Millie wears: Camel duffle coat, pounds 60, Boden; dark blue jeans, pounds 19.95, Gap; earmuffs, pounds 6, M&S; floral boots, pounds 25, River Island
Katie wears the dancers favourite, leggings, and wraps up with a grey Jane Norman coat, River Island boots, Primark satchel and River Island earmuffs.