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earmark for (someone or something)

To designate something for a particular person, place, or use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "earmark" and "for." We need to earmark the firmest bed for grandma because of her back issues. These boxes are earmarked for storage, so don't open them!
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earmark something for someone or something

Fig. to reserve something for someone or something. Tom earmarked the best of the steaks for his special guests. I have earmarked this chair for the family room.
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Among the disadvantages of earmarking sin tax for health, Galen Centre said, was the possibility of further excise duty hikes.
The think tank, however, cited successes in Australia and Thailand in earmarking sin tax for health promotion activities.
They would promote responsible congressional leadership in making spending decisions through earmarking, and they would help reform the legislative process as a whole.
Presidential and agency earmarking may be less familiar than
(He might at least have subtracted the earmarks from the institutional total to yield a guess or, more ambitiously, done some statistical analysis or sought alternative output indicators, such as papers produced.) If this conclusion is warranted, however, academic earmarking is not necessarily as bad as Savage thinks.
Earmarking and Distributive Models of Congressional Policy Making
He also targeted another form of earmarking, even more opaque, in which special spending is slipped into the explanatory reports that accompany legislation that already has been passed.
Like attorneys at hospital bedsides, earmarking lobbyists aggressively court customers with boasts of their ability to deliver easy cash.
Since Savage dates academic earmarking back to 1977, when Tufts University sought and received the first earmark for research, we should be able to tell whether earmarks gave the recipients traction in competing for federal research funds.
Rosenzweig, AAU president, admits that the AAU can't force compliance with the moratorium on congressional earmarking. But he suggests that breaking the moratorium would seriously undermine the AAU.
Just when it looked as if Congress was getting serious about getting the much-abused practice of "earmarking" under control, new federal budget figures show the stampede of lawmakers to the federal trough this year has been nearly as frenzied as ever.
In addition to politicizing research, earmarking contributes to cynical, self-serving behavior within the academy.
earmarking of research funds for specific universities, without merit competition, establishes a precedent that could jeopardize' the preeminence of U.S.