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earmark for (someone or something)

To designate something for a particular person, place, or use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "earmark" and "for." We need to earmark the firmest bed for grandma because of her back issues. These boxes are earmarked for storage, so don't open them!
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earmark something for someone or something

Fig. to reserve something for someone or something. Tom earmarked the best of the steaks for his special guests. I have earmarked this chair for the family room.
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The development projects of Information, Science and Technology were given Rs 375 million by the provincial government of which Rs 318.750 was fixed for ongoing and Rs 56.250 was earmarked for new projects.
An amount of Rs 500 million has been earmarked for improvement and rehabilitation of road from Karappa to Shakardara (35 Km) District Khoat (SKP), whereas Rs 350 million have been earmarked for upgradation and rehabilitation of Lawrencepur- Tarbela Road.
The civic body has also earmarked Rs100 million for the provision of water and sewerage services in Sectors F-8, F-9 and Blue Area.
The total cost of the project has been estimated at Rs 879.8 million, out of which Rs 202.106 was earmarked during the current fiscal year.
The present government allocated Rs8.19 billion for pre-primary and primary education affairs for FY2017 as compared to Rs7.24 billion for FY2016 which was later revised to Rs7.24 billion, Rs10 billion earmarked for secondary education affairs and services for FY2017 as compared to Rs8.99 billion for FY2016, Rs63.59 billion for tertiary education affairs and services against Rs56.67 billion earmarked for FY2016, which was later revised to Rs56.84 billion, Rs1.16 billion for administration against Rs1.4 billion for FY2016, which was later revised to Rs1.28 billion.
SAI has been given `405.10 crore -- a hike of `84.65 crore from what was earmarked in the last union Budget.
He said one billion rupees have been earmarked for mines and mineral and over 3,402 million rupees for irrigation sector.
Terzieva pointed out that a total of EUR 163 M had been earmarked for public sports and cultural infrastructure, while EUR 143 M had been earmarked for integrated urban transport under the Regional Growth Operational Program.
Rs 109.3 million has been earmarked for the Communication Division (other than NHA) and Rs 2,300 million for the Defence Production Division.
When a budget amendment for $5.2 million for the program that earmarked $4.5 million for the software contract was filed during the House budget review, Mr.
The $15.9 billion in earmarked projects approved for fiscal 2010 represented less than half of 1 percent of the budget.
Rs1646.219 million have been earmarked for Kalat-Quetta- Chaman Section of N-25, Rs404.970 million have been allocated for Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway (M-1) Project,Rs823.109 million for Khori-Quba Saeed Khan section of Khuzdar-Ratodero Road, 4115.546 million have been allocated for Widening and Improvement of Hoshab- Nag-Basima,Surab road (N-85).
They have been waiting for a new location ever since, but were yesterday told the jetty would apparently be constructed just metres from the site originally earmarked for the project.
The same day tic signed into law the omnibus spending bill containing $7.7 billion in earmarked projects, President Barack Obama favorably cited the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as an example of legislation devoid of any congressional earmarks.