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earmark for (someone or something)

To designate something for a particular person, place, or use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "earmark" and "for." We need to earmark the firmest bed for grandma because of her back issues. These boxes are earmarked for storage, so don't open them!
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earmark something for someone or something

Fig. to reserve something for someone or something. Tom earmarked the best of the steaks for his special guests. I have earmarked this chair for the family room.
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Moreover, Rs5 billion has been earmarked for Zhob to Kuchlak road, including land acquisition and Nokundi-Musakhel-Panjgoor road, he said.
He said that for 247 km Kalat-Quetta- Chaman section of N-25 Rs 500 million have been earmarked.
To add financial insult to unconstitutional injury, the Anchorage Daily News reported that the earmarked federal funds won't cover the complete cost of either bridge, further noting that more than half of the money may wind up being subtracted from the regular annual allotment to Alaska, potentially hurting other more necessary roadwork in the state.
For example, when Savage examines changes in research rankings of states against earmarks they received between 1980 and 1996, he finds that "the total earmarked dollars a state obtained had a positive, though limited, relationship to improved rank.
Meanwhile, the government also released Rs5 million for feasibilities of MCC Gawadar, RTO Islamabad and Sargodha and Directorate of Intelligence and Investigations (IIR Karachi) for which an amount of Rs10 million have been earmarked in the PSDP of the current year.
In 1992, at least $708 million in federal funds was earmarked for academic research and facilities--a 43 percent increase over 1991.
The government released an amount of Rs85 million for establishment of Inland Revenue offices in the country for which an amount of Rs148 million has been earmarked in the federal PSDP for the current fiscal year.
The government had earmarked Rs 9555 million for the project under the PSDP of the current
The government had earmarked Rs9555 million for the project under the PSDP of the current fiscal year, the data revealed.
In total, Rs 755 million have been earmarked for the project, out of which 351.