earmark for

earmark for (someone or something)

To designate something for a particular person, place, or use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "earmark" and "for." We need to earmark the firmest bed for grandma because of her back issues. These boxes are earmarked for storage, so don't open them!
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earmark something for someone or something

Fig. to reserve something for someone or something. Tom earmarked the best of the steaks for his special guests. I have earmarked this chair for the family room.
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Along with other departments, Rs 32.325 billion and for Lahore Canal Road Rs 5 billion are proposed to earmarked respectively while Rs 2.16 billion are proposed to earmark for the promotion of literacy in the province, the document added and maintained that Rs 14.95 billion are proposed to earmark for water supply and sanitation and Rs 610 million for the social sector are proposed.
A month later, Murray announced that she had gotten a $5.5 million earmark for the company.
In late 2005, Congressman David Wu of Oregon got a $2 million earmark for InSport, a small athletic clothing company.
of earmark for use in collecting information from agencies and posting
The Vitter earmark for the LFF first came to light as the result of a report by New Orleans Times-Picayune writer Bill Walsh.
"There are things like an unsigned earmark for a science museum in Virginia with an exhibit on jelly beans." She also notes that while the total number of earmarks in 2006 is lower than in 2005, the total dollar amount spent via earmarks has risen.
He saw to it that $231 million was earmarked for a Knik Arm bridge to be called "Don Young's Way." Another earmark for a Ketchikan bridge also raised more than a few eyebrows.
Mammoth Mountain wanted to see the local transportation network upgraded to help move in the new upscale clientele, and so last year its home town won a $1 million earmark for a bus-maintainance facility that primarily services the resort.
* However, the President is authorized and shall direct the drawdown of DoD defense articles and services and military education and training of an aggregate value of not less than $5,000,000 to count toward meeting the directed earmark for Tunisia.
Since Savage dates academic earmarking back to 1977, when Tufts University sought and received the first earmark for research, we should be able to tell whether earmarks gave the recipients traction in competing for federal research funds.
Thus, Cornell University, noted for its decision to refuse a $5-million earmark for a super-computer, accepts earmarked appropriations for agriculture research projects.