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earmark for (someone or something)

To designate something for a particular person, place, or use. A noun or pronoun can be used between "earmark" and "for." We need to earmark the firmest bed for grandma because of her back issues. These boxes are earmarked for storage, so don't open them!
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earmark something for someone or something

Fig. to reserve something for someone or something. Tom earmarked the best of the steaks for his special guests. I have earmarked this chair for the family room.
See also: earmark, for
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earmark and congressionally directed spending item, the Bush
For eight years, Congress has banned the use of earmarks, otherwise known as "pork-barrel spending." Earmarks paid for pet projects of legislators back in their districts, as a way of encouraging those officials' votes for a spending bill.
They deceptively pay for the hidden earmarks by raiding essential accounts for soldiers' pay and military readiness, and they readily accept hundreds of thousands of dollars in political contributions from the very contractors who received huge chunks of the billions of dollars that Congress added.
Like the legislative branch, the executive branch has supported earmark reform.
A few years after the earmark ban took effect, he told the Boston Globe, "What we're seeing is a natural experiment where we say, 'Let's try to run Congress without earmarks for a few years.' And what we're finding out is that we don't really like what's going on." With federal budgeting reduced to a pure battle of ideologies, there's less opportunity for compromise and less downside to a budget not being passed.
(55) Some legislators would give this reason for ceding power to earmark; but in general there is less faith that the President can be trusted to do what is right.
When an earmark is approved, the Congressmen or senator who secured it can, if he or she chooses, return to his or her home district or state and meet face to face with the people that earmark is going to help.
It goes on to say, "The grant to Friends of the Cross was not an isolated earmark or aberrant legislative mistake.
Tea party red-hots want to eradicate congressional earmarks. Their Republican allies are tagging along on the crusade - somewhat reluctantly.
The official said Rs 3500 million have been earmarked for improvement and widening of Jaglot-Skardu road and a similar amount has been allocated for land acquisition of Sukkur- Hyderabad Motorway.
Similarly, the government earmarked Rs 15,511 million for Health Department to which its leadership claims of giving top priority.
Among the ongoing schemes, the government allocated Rs 1000 million for construction of Sibbi Rakhni Road via Maiwand (Tall-Kohlu) section Km 24-164 Sibbi, whereas Rs 1000 million have been earmarked for Necessary Facilities of Fresh Water Treatment, Water Supply and Distribution project Gwadar.
According to budgetary documents, Rs100 million has been earmarked for modernisation of examination system and Rs100 million for provision of quality of education to the students of Balochistan and merged areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhaw.
The outlay for the incoming fiscal year is six per cent more than Rs37.9 billion earmarked for the authority last year.
ISLAMABAD: Federal government has earmarked Rs 28.255 million for Ministry of State of Frontier Regions and Division (SAFRON) for various on-going and new schemes for the financial year 2018-19.According to the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), out of the total Rs 28.255 billion, only an amount of Rs 500 million is from foreign assistance.A total of Rs 28.255 billion has been allocated for four on-going schemes, while Rs 500 million has been allocated for one new programme.