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I used to light my fire and make tea for myself, till one rapturous morning I discovered that Hebe was fond of rising early too, and that she would like to light my fire and make my tea.
And here I may say that I have never to this day understood objections which were afterwards raised against my early attachment to print.
Moreover, I want you to come with me for an early walk, during which we may notice, whilst the matter is fresh in our minds, the peculiar disposition of this place--not merely your grand-uncle's estate, but the lie of the country around it.
Not often so early as this,' I replied, with amazing composure, considering all the circumstances of the case.
The early morning was wonderfully still, and the sun, just clearing the pine trees towards Weybridge, was already warm.
In monstrous plants, we often get direct evidence of the possibility of one organ being transformed into another; and we can actually see in embryonic crustaceans and in many other animals, and in flowers, that organs, which when mature become extremely different, are at an early stage of growth exactly alike.
There was one exception to the lack of memory of the life of his early self, and that was language.
In his youth he had been a dissolute libertine, but was converted by Mother Ann herself, and had partaken of the wild fanaticism of the early Shakers.
These arrangements were decided upon early in the month of August.
Perhaps these Odes may best be compared with the little craftless figures in an early age of pottery, when the fragrance of the soil yet lingered about the rough clay.
It was the fur trade, in fact, which gave early sustenance and vitality to the great Canadian provinces.
She looked at him suspiciously, but in a moment could not resist the temptation to impress him with the splendour of her early days.
Early in the morning a light air carried us towards the entrance of Port Jackson.
This is partly because the amount of thoroughly great literature which they produced is small, and partly because for present-day readers it is in effect a foreign literature, written in early forms of English or in foreign languages, so that to-day it is intelligible only through special study or in translation.
At early dawn they scrutinized the surrounding plain, to discover whether any enemies had been lurking about during the night; not a foot-print, however, was to be discovered in the coarse gravel with which the plain was covered.