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The objective is to minimize total cost which consists of total transportation cost for orders allocated into normal flight capacity, total transportation cost for orders allocated into special flight capacity, total delivery earliness penalty cost and total delivery tardiness penalty cost.
Thus Ulysses, insofar as he hopes to reach the East by going west, would also make his lateness an earliness (and put him in the geographical vicinity of Tithonus, whose earliness is instead a form of lateness).
Early / Tardy problem with distinct due dates that considers n jobs ready at time zero and each job has its own distinct due date, earliness penalty and tardiness penalty with the objective to minimize the total penalties of earliness and tardiness.
Number of Number of Average Percentage Average absolute machines routes lateness of late lateness/ jobs earliness n = 10 Moderate SPT EDD SPT Complex TWKR EDD SPRO n = 7 Moderate SPT TWKR/SPT EDD Complex SPT SPT EDD n = 3 Moderate EDD SPT EDD Complex EDD EDD EDD
Two weeks ago Ospreys scrum-half Mike Phillips became the first of the Welsh Lions to appear in the Magners League, the earliness of his introduction taking many by surprise.
Covering it with fleece or cloches will improve earliness, yields and quality.
Most ERP and SCM scheduling solutions address about 80 percent of the realities of the manufacturing process and fail to address a host of important considerations including true set-up costs, switch-over procedures, earliness costs, tardiness costs, waste factors, and the special requirements of process manufacturing.
Breeders who used Tamcot SP37 as a parent for earliness could have inadvertently separated the B genes from each other.
A frost in February held back the season for a week, even though it is now common practice to cover the crop in polythene in January and February to achieve extra earliness and yield from the end of April to early June.
Finally: "apartness is the gathering through which human nature is sheltered once again in its stiller childhood, and that childhood in turn is sheltered in the earliness of another beginning.
Against the sense of belatedness comes the desire for earliness, to be a creature born over and over into birdsong and sun breaking over the far ridge, to feel the turn of the earth.
While other, more direct evidence for Harngjou-modeled guanhuah is hard to find within China - most likely obscured by the earliness of its predominance, early missionary sources provide strong evidence that Nanjing served as a popular exemplar for guanhuah from the late sixteenth-century Ming on into Ching times; see Luu 1985, Yang 1989.
After a breakfast of croissants and coffee on board, all grumpiness at the earliness of our start had evaporated.
Another big attraction of 'Early Girl' is its earliness.
I've been selecting my tomato seed for earliness for years now and it shows.