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The literature review shows that no research has been done regarding the integration of manufacturing scheduling in suppliers and transportation scheduling in a supply chain with the objective function of simultaneously minimizing the total tardiness and total earliness. The availability times for suppliers and vehicles are also considered as a constraint in this study.
Assessment of best parents and superior cross combinations for earliness related traits in upland cotton.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Earliness, yield, and processing traits were evaluated for ten genotypes of bunching onion.
Earliness is determined by the ability a crop to reach flowering and pod filling in a short period [20].
Comparing the results of the branch and bound algorithm with the results of the CPLEX solver in Table 4 indicates that the branch and bound algorithm works remarkably better than the CPLEX solver for solving instances of the entire sets and the difference increases as the earliness value of the renewable resources deadlines decreases.
They considered earliness and tardiness (E/T) penalties and developed polynomial time algorithms for special cases of these problems with nonexecution penalties.
One my think that is indication of earliness. However, this is a false indication for early flowering, compared to the relatively earlier flowering and earlier maturing Giza 40 and Cairo 33 that set pods at 15.67 and 17.33cm respectively.
after a compensatory earliness. Stevens describes the same kind of
They are all the more evident because of their earliness. First come the beautifully mottled obovate leaves, followed by long, scrolled buds that unfurl when the spring sun hits them, reflexing magically in E.
Earliness is very important character in cotton because late maturing crop suffers from many losses like low market value, requires additional inputs, delays wheat sowing and favours late season insect-pest attacks (Jatoi et al., 2012).
As against Kidderminster Harriers four days previously, the earliness of the Wearsiders' opening goal only added to the anxiety.
The other necessary input data scheduling is the cycle time of the assembly lines, the link among the products and the assembly lines, the work calendars, the work team composition, the efficiency table, priorities in the orders, and the penalty rates for earliness, tardiness, setup, and chessboard.
[13] presented a GA combined with dominance properties to minimize the earliness tardiness of the jobs.
He said: "Given the earliness of the Budget, this gives more time to make sure hospitals and other services have their budgets in place on January 1."