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There is a potential of recovering other relics from the web's earliest days through Mr.
The earliest iron implements found in Wales come from Llyn Fawr at the head of the Rhondda Valley, where objects, apparently deposited as votive offerings, include three made of iron: a sword, a spearhead and a sickle.
In most cases, this change would result in an increase in taxable income generally taken into account entirely in the earliest open year under examination.
The earliest evidence of Chinese pictographic writing is found on these divinatory shells.
Scientists are also developing a new understanding of how some of the earliest land vertebrates moved.
The earliest known mention of Babylon comes from a tablet made during which king's reign?
He is not expected to play until Friday, at the earliest, when the Lakers host Atlanta.
The earliest photograph in this exhibition (Self Portrait [Reception], 1975) shows the boy entrepreneur seated behind his studio counter, which is hung with a handpainted sales pitch: vous SERGE BEAU, CHIC, GENTIL ET FACILE A RECONNAITRE.
1) In our December issue, under Vatican News in Brief, page 25, we referred to embryonic stem cells as the earliest stage of human beings.
Balmy weather brought flowering cherry trees in Tokyo into full bloom on Thursday, the earliest on record, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.
The earliest section (1533-1558) contains, in three subsections, the earliest letters, poems, and prayers; the second (1558-1572) c ontains the earliest speeches together with subsequent letters, poems, and prayers; and so on for sections three (1572-1587) and four (1588-1603).
So far as reaching the earliest layers of Anglo-Saxon society and reality, we do have the predictable problem of sources, though there are some; even when the sources are available "we won't get to know individual slaves" (40)--which is true, of course, for almost any slave-holding context.
In fact, the study of the earliest decades of African American literature may represent the fastest-changing face of our scholarship.
Giles Worsley, in a stimulating essay on antique influence, suggests that Castle Howard was probably the earliest European landscaped park dotted with buildings.
At the revisit, the quality assurance plan is reviewed to determine the earliest date of compliance.