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Bit9 Parity provides the capabilities and speed that would typically require a small army of IT experts to lock down, and further, without prejudgment, makes resources available to remove any unwanted software off at the earliest possible time.
Until now, the earliest leftovers of cocoa consumption were in residues from a Maya tomb in Guatemala from A.
Chronicling the earliest comic characters through the highly recognized creations of recent years, the facility's different segments will immerse visitors in its unique American experience.
Until now, the earliest Ardipithecus fossils came from a 4.
Until now, the earliest evidence of maize growing in the New World came from a radiocarbon analysis of 5,500-year-old cobs from San Marcos Cave, located in southern Mexico's Tehuacan Valley.
The Aquilion CFX produces brilliant images allowing me to view intricate areas of the heart, to accurately pinpoint current cardiac issues and to detect potential problems in the earliest stages -- even for patients with a normal stress test.
Preserved in 530-million-year-old rocks from Yunnan province, the paper clip-size impressions record the earliest known fish, which predate the next-oldest vertebrates by at least 30 million years.
AeroMobile has the advantage in capturing the earliest opportunities for passenger mobile services in flight due to our developed terrestrial infrastructure, established international roaming agreements, and thoroughly tested onboard satellite communications systems.
203), the agency had pushed for the earliest launch possible, an October date.
The partnership enables credit unions to capture transaction data and images at the earliest possible point - the teller.
The flute, one of six unearthed in a prehistoric Chinese village, is the earliest known complete, playable musical instrument, a research group reports.
88 (the amount payable on the earliest redemption date of the notes (the "Earliest Redemption Date")), plus the present value of the interest that would be payable on, or accrue from, the most recent interest payment date on $1,000 principal amount of notes until the Earliest Redemption Date, in each case, determined on the basis of a yield to the Earliest Redemption Date equal to the sum of (x) the bid-side yield on the 1 1/2% U.
As Smithson and his colleagues watched the fossil emerge from the rock, they discovered signs that this creature had lived on land, making it the earliest known animal with a backbone to conquer the continents.
75, which is the redemption price applicable to the Notes if redeemed on July 15, 2006 (the "Earliest Redemption Date"), the first date on which the Notes may be redeemed, and (B) all remaining payments of interest for the Notes from (but not including) the Settlement Date up to the Earliest Redemption Date, determined on the basis of a yield from the Settlement Date to the Earliest Redemption Date equal to the sum of (x) the yield to maturity on the 7% U.
5-million-year-old sediment that yielded these fossils contains animal bones bearing the earliest known traces of butchery, reports a team headed by anthropologist Berhane Asfaw of the Rift Valley Research Service in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.