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Until now, the earliest leftovers of cocoa consumption were in residues from a Maya tomb in Guatemala from A.
Until now, the earliest Ardipithecus fossils came from a 4.
Until now, the earliest evidence of maize growing in the New World came from a radiocarbon analysis of 5,500-year-old cobs from San Marcos Cave, located in southern Mexico's Tehuacan Valley.
Preserved in 530-million-year-old rocks from Yunnan province, the paper clip-size impressions record the earliest known fish, which predate the next-oldest vertebrates by at least 30 million years.
203), the agency had pushed for the earliest launch possible, an October date.
The flute, one of six unearthed in a prehistoric Chinese village, is the earliest known complete, playable musical instrument, a research group reports.
As Smithson and his colleagues watched the fossil emerge from the rock, they discovered signs that this creature had lived on land, making it the earliest known animal with a backbone to conquer the continents.
5-million-year-old sediment that yielded these fossils contains animal bones bearing the earliest known traces of butchery, reports a team headed by anthropologist Berhane Asfaw of the Rift Valley Research Service in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.