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The Grassland Earless Dragon is one of the Fighting Extinction species and in 2013 Zoos Victoria allocated research funding to investigate the possibility that the Grassland Earless Dragon was still extant in Victoria.
Caption: THE LESSER EARLESS LIZARD is one of three lizard species in White Sands National Monument that evolved quickly to match the color of the gypsum dunefield there.
What can you hear in "the deep dungeon's earless den"?
Perhaps, someone chose and wrapped the earless figurine for him.
g., Diplodus holbrooki, Spottail Pinfish [Sparidae]; Holbrookia, a genus of earless lizards [Phrynosomatidae]).
- Melinda Taylor, of UT-Austin's Center for Global Energy, International Arbitration and Environmental Law, on the likely fallout should the federal government designate as endangered a spot-tailed earless lizard that happens to roam the energy-rich Eagle Ford Shale
Scientists found that which earless sea creature can hear?
The keeled earless lizard, Holbrookia propinqua, is a stenothermal arenophilus lizard restricted to loose sandy soils of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico (Judd, 1973; Axtell, 1998).
EARLESS Ernest Perks would have willingly sacriced his life for King and country.
Yet the players sound as though they are performing earless, utterly independently of each other.
He loves ladies and female cats, but has a problem with other male cats, as they see his earless visage as a sign of aggression and attack and bully him.He loves to go out, but also loves a cuddle on the bed.
A lively, pedestrian-friendly area where people can live and work in the same neighborhood; where emerging professionals can choose to be earless because they can either walk to work or take public transportation; a place where groceries, shopping, and restaurants are all accessible to residents within a few blocks from home.
Save Our Strays' Margaret Young, above right, with earless dog Pauline in 2007 and Ann Barker, above left, in 2003 |with Murphy, a pooch in a leg plaster cast peter reimann and michelle maddison
"Earless in Nineveh: Who Mutilated 'Sargons' Head?" AJA 84: 329-33.
Admittedly, if Overturn does win, that means you won't be worth anything afterwards and might be homeless, earless and wifeless, but as long as you aren't too old, you'll be able to start life again, sadder but wiser, possibly.