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flash with (an emotion)

Of the eyes, to seem to convey a particular feeling or emotion with intensity. Callie's eyes flashed with anger when I accused her of cheating on the test. Of course John's interested in you—his eyes practically flash with desire every time he looks at you. Yeah, my mom knows you—her eyes flashed with recognition when I said your name.
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flash with anger

 and flash with recognition; flash with eagerness
[for someone's eyes] to "glimmer" or seem to communicate a particular quality or excitement. Her green eyes flashed with anger. Ellen's eyes flashed with recognition when she saw me.
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Earlier this month, Head of Iran's Customs Administration Massoud Karbasian announced Tehran's eagerness to further develop trade and economic relations with Azerbaijan.
She also said: "Children have an eagerness for learning because sta plan purposeful activities that extend children's learning and help them to make good progress.
Eagerness to dominate new technology and subsidized loans, government-guaranteed, contributed to overcapacity that could kill China's solar-panel industry
Then time showed that Azerbaijani people did not give up their eagerness," Suleymanov also said.
A number of visitors of the exhibition on the Kingdom's Fantastic Antiquities over history, currently ongoing in Paris Louvre Museum, expressed admiration about the exhibition and eagerness to know more about Saudi Arabia's history.
I remember Labour's eagerness to renew(never to be used) Trident and to build two new(useless) aircraft carriers.
But as yesterday's lightweight performance - and it was a performance - proved, eagerness does not equate with ability.
Just as my sons' eagerness to begin their second grade year was tinged by anxiety, and just as aspiring authors may feel apprehensive about sending an article to a selective journal like PSC, my initial months as editor have not been absent of anxiety.
Cleage speaks of the eagerness with which young black girls would rush to television seats to listen and dream of their own futures whenever these icons appeared.
It's that his reverence for ballet is balanced by his eagerness to spoof it and his urge to explore outside its safe boundaries.
The cartoony and angular art style captures the eagerness of the young dog perfectly, in this upbeat astrological tale.
SHEHNAZ CASSIM, Joey Hasson and Junaid Moosa are sitting on the same couch and are jumping in on each other in their eagerness to tell me about Keeping Peace Alive (KPA).
He commented about this latest donation: "I think it shows the strength of the Green Bay community and its eagerness to help those who need us.
We live in the information age, and that explains the growing and probably excessive eagerness of some artists to accumulate data (images, recordings, graphics, and texts) in the course of analyzing a given problematic.
In their eagerness to make a sale, however, many agents fail to point out that no-lapse products require a certain premium to support the guaranteed death benefit and that they generate far less cash value than current-assumption products.