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flash with (an emotion)

Of the eyes, to seem to convey a particular feeling or emotion with intensity. Callie's eyes flashed with anger when I accused her of cheating on the test. Of course John's interested in you—his eyes practically flash with desire every time he looks at you. Yeah, my mom knows you—her eyes flashed with recognition when I said your name.
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flash with anger

 and flash with recognition; flash with eagerness
[for someone's eyes] to "glimmer" or seem to communicate a particular quality or excitement. Her green eyes flashed with anger. Ellen's eyes flashed with recognition when she saw me.
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Their eagerness towards the organization of the festival and encouraging remarks for Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif for taking such a positive step of assembling the youth at one platform came during the third meeting of the chief organizing committee with the district officials at 90 Shahrah-i-Quaid-i-Azam here on Thursday.
Replying to a question on the European Commission's progress report on Turkey, Nuland said that the United States has been supporting Turkey's eagerness to join the EU.
this is Zimbabwe's first test for three years and their eagerness to return to the competition on a positive note was clear, with some tasty seam bowling finishing the job after lunch.
Our eagerness to report has been matched by the eagerness from management of SSI and Tata to deliver and only a few days ago we were able to report a New Year resolution by Thai steel to get the job done.
Surprisingly, mediation appears to be a mixed bag for Floridians in foreclosure, despite some homeowners' eagerness to seek the option.