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boom goes the dynamite

interjection An exclamation used to emphasize when something exceptional has happened, especially when it occurred exactly as one intended. The phrase was popularized after a video of Ball State University student Brian Collins uttering it during a collegiate sportscast went viral on the internet. A: "You've got to use the sniper rifle to take out the guards in the tower, or else you'll never beat this level!" B: "OK, let me just line up my scope and—boom goes the dynamite!" A: "Hey, nice shot!"
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dynamite charge

An encouragement to a divided jury to come to a verdict. It is also known as the "Allen charge" because such a tactic was employed for the deadlocked jury in the 1896 case Allen v. United States. Come on, let's give the jury a dynamite charge, in the hopes of getting all the jurors to reach a consensus.
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1. n. anything potentially powerful: a drug, news, a person. The story about the scandal was dynamite and kept selling papers for a month.
2. mod. excellent; powerful. I want some more of your dynamite enchiladas, please.
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