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boom goes the dynamite

interjection An exclamation used to emphasize when something exceptional has happened, especially when it occurred exactly as one intended. The phrase was popularized after a video of Ball State University student Brian Collins uttering it during a collegiate sportscast went viral on the internet. A: "You've got to use the sniper rifle to take out the guards in the tower, or else you'll never beat this level!" B: "OK, let me just line up my scope and—boom goes the dynamite!" A: "Hey, nice shot!"
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dynamite charge

An encouragement to a divided jury to come to a verdict. It is also known as the "Allen charge" because such a tactic was employed for the deadlocked jury in the 1896 case Allen v. United States. Come on, let's give the jury a dynamite charge, in the hopes of getting all the jurors to reach a consensus.
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1. n. anything potentially powerful: a drug, news, a person. The story about the scandal was dynamite and kept selling papers for a month.
2. mod. excellent; powerful. I want some more of your dynamite enchiladas, please.
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Aas Pass 9-0, Sharp Shooter (Big Star) 8-13, Dynamite 8-12, Mera Dost (Flada) 7-13, Mehak 7-8, Killing Eyes 7-8, Jawad Prince 7-8.
He said: "I will be one on one with zach Dynamite just like in Christmas Chaos in 2018 when I defeated him to take the tri-Counties Championship.
Dynamites for blast fishing are made of either ammonium nitrate or potassium chlorate mixed with gasoline and sulfur, the same ingredients for improvised explosive devices used by communist rebels and religious militants operating in the fashion of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
du Pont de Nemours, Hercules Powder and Atlas Powder, manufactured dynamite and published booklets that touted the many uses of dynamite on the farm.
It was not clear if the Green Sea Turtle was caught through dynamite fishing.
Having climbed to an official rating of 155, Dynamite Dollars had maintained a steady position in the Arkle market, sharing thirdfavouritism with Cilaos Emery and Kalashnikov and trailing only Lalor and dual Grade 1 winner Le Richebourg in the betting.
But, in receipt of 8lb, he could not match the finishing kick of the year older Dynamite Dollars - who had a comfortable three-and-a-half lengths to spare at the line.
Dynamite Kid was a revered wrestling star across the world and tributes have poured in from current and former wrestlers.
Locals say there has also been an increase in jade mining companies using heavy dynamite compared to previous years.
The Varsity will show "Napoleon Dynamite" at 7 p.m.
Dynamite is usually used for illegal fishing activities.
Sharon Harrigan's father was larger than life, a brilliant but troubled man who blew off his hand with dynamite before she was born and died in a mysterious and bizarre accident when she was seven.
by Shruthi Nair Try the Dynamite Fries at B F Roadside Diner.