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Terry, who lives in Melbourne with partner Grazynka Ziemkiewicz, 26, says that on the whole, lesbian life in Australia "could be likened to lesbian life in many places around the world--generally less visible than the gay male scene and with a limited selection of distinctly dykey nightlife options available."
It's also said to have a "Key West flavor," but it's more densely dykey than Key West.
Another good idea is some cute rainbow swag, like a bracelet or a cute dykey T-shirt.
The Killing of Sister George (1968)--Viperish BBC executive Mercy Croft (Coral Browne) puts the moves on Childie (Susannah York), the girlfriend of dykey soap actress June Buckridge (Beryl Reid), in a sequence steamy enough to be cut by censors in various New England states in 1968.
The other part hid my interest from the girls at school, worried about looking "dykey," got straight A's on citizenship exams, and wondered if the government might just be right.
@TheQCC, queer crafters from share dykey DIY tips, crafty queers you can buy from and details on the "crafternoons" they host in Washington, D.C.
There are so many practical uses: Shorten a hem, fix a tail light, write a note on the sidewalk outside your lover's house or make a cool dykey wallet.
"The last time we hung out was when Scott, my husband, and I drove Teresa and her partner to the airport to go on some dykey music cruise with Melissa Etheridge and k.d.
Lesbians are giving second glances to brunette musician Katherine McPhee, who premiered a dykey new blonde' do for 2010.
How can I explain to my straight hairstylist that I want a femme haircut that still looks dykey?
There are many rites of passage in the life of a lesbian: coming out to the parents, your first Pride parade, your first sex toy and, of course, getting that first dykey haircut.
Although we saw plenty of cute, dykey girls in these parts, all kinds of folks also hang out in this area, and we never witnessed much overt PDA between women.