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They are out there dying for us. You cannot do more for the nation than die for it, and that is why it was just so wrong that no one publicly thanked police officers like this before I thought of it.
Coming to terms with death as I plan it can take away the pain of dying for us," the 39-year-old artist told the online edition of daily Die Welt.
That mission, first declared by John the Baptist in John 1:36 and again in John 3:16, is finished when Jesus took on our sin and put it to death by dying for us. Tetelestai!
Birmingham boss Trevor Francis said: "I know our supporters were dying for us to repeat the giant-killing act, and we didn't let them down.
I cannot presume to speak for the authors of the Solidarity stations, but I wonder if some liturgical innovators see the older Stations as a type of devotional nard: a lot of expensive, perfumed, pious sympathy wasted on Jesus (who, being God, doesn't need anything from us), whereas our energies would be better spent "breaking the thongs of the yoke." So instead of talking redundantly about the details of Christ's passion, we'll just mention him at the beginning of each station, thank him briefly for dying for us, then get on to the business at hand: justice for NIKE plant workers, the volunteers of Bush Radio in South Africa, and "all those who work long hours at jobs which are boring or dangerous."