die for (someone or something)

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die for (someone or something)

1. To die in order to save or help someone else. I would die for my wife if it would save her from danger.
2. To die for a particular cause or thing. How devoted are you to your religious beliefs? Are you willing to die for them?
3. To desire or long for someone or something in particular. Always used in the continuous tense. I'm just dying for a nap—I can hardly keep my eyes open.
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die for someone or something

1. Lit. to perish for the benefit or glory of someone or something. He said he was willing to die for his country. She would die for her child if necessary.
2. Fig. to experience great physical or emotional desire for someone or something. He was just dying for Jane, but she would have nothing to do with him. Freddie was dying for a glass of water—he was so thirsty.
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die for

Also, be dying for. Long for, desire excessively, as in I'm dying for some ice cream. This hyperbolic usage dates from the late 1500s. Also see die to.
See also: die
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Coming to terms with death as I plan it can take away the pain of dying for us," the 39-year-old artist told the online edition of daily Die Welt.
That mission, first declared by John the Baptist in John 1:36 and again in John 3:16, is finished when Jesus took on our sin and put it to death by dying for us.
So instead of talking redundantly about the details of Christ's passion, we'll just mention him at the beginning of each station, thank him briefly for dying for us, then get on to the business at hand: justice for NIKE plant workers, the volunteers of Bush Radio in South Africa, and "all those who work long hours at jobs which are boring or dangerous.