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dwell (up)on (someone or something)

1. To obsessively think or worry about something. Try not to dwell on this rejection, honey. There are plenty of other nice boys you can ask to the dance.
2. To inhabit a particular place or surface. I want to become a scientist and study the creatures that dwell upon other planets. That type of animal dwells exclusively on land.
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dwell (up)on someone or something

to remain on the [important] subject of someone or something for a long time. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) I can't dwell upon this subject anymore. There is no need to dwell on Sarah further.
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dwell (up)on something

to live on something, such as the planet Earth. (Upon is more formal than on.) This is the largest turtle that dwells upon the earth. Many creatures dwell on this earth.
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*in an ivory tower

Fig. in a place, such as a university, where one can be aloof from the realities of living. (Typ—ically: be ~; dwell ~; live ~; work ~.) If you didn't spend so much time in your ivory tower, you'd know what people really think! Many professors are said to live in ivory towers. They don't know what the real world is like.
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dwell on

Also, dwell upon. Linger over; ponder, speak or write at length. For example, Let's not dwell on this topic too long; we have a lot to cover today. [c. 1500]
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dwell on

To think or talk about something to an excessive degree: The teacher dwelled on the subject of tardiness for several minutes.
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Erection of single storey extension to rear of dwelling.
Compared with normal compliance, the alternative compliance path allows mechanical ventilation installation in existing dwellings at lower cost and with increased flexibility.
Swinney Erik F, 2941 Ingalls Way; New Single Family Dwelling With Attached Garage; $272,089.
Homeowners can have an accessory dwelling unit without the need to comply with any additional requirements for lot size, frontage, space limitations or other controls, beyond what is otherwise required for a single-family dwelling, except that municipalities can require a larger lot size, if the accessory apartment is detached from the primary residence.
Here, I attempt to utilize Rose's abstractions regarding the concept of dwelling to examine the lived experiences of human dwellers in the specific setting of a residential home.
Nor is there any ambiguity in the policy term "residence premises" which, as relevant here, is defined as "a two family dwelling where you reside in at least one of the family units and which is shown as the residence premises' in the Declarations.'" When read in context, as the rules of policy interpretation require (Harris v Allstate Ins.
The number of new dwellings constructed swelled from 70,094 in the ten-year period of 1991-2000 to 136,906 in 2001-10, marking an increase of 95%.
its average population annual growth rate of 1.3 percent, which is higher than that of 1.1 and 0.6 percent in 1996-2001 and 1991-1996, respectively (DSE, 2007a); meaning that dwelling development could increase to accommodate the population growth
Table 1 shows something of the nature of the last intercensal period change in residential dwelling structure in the City of Monash.
Excluded from the definition of a dwelling unit are units in a hotel, motel, or other establishment more than one-half the units in which are used on a transient basis (Sec.
The highest numbers of dwelling completions, across all tenures, were seen in Cardiff and Swansea whilst the lowest were seen in Blaenau Gwent and the Vale of Glamorgan.
A sharp rise in dwelling prices can be observed in the most of rapidly developing countries (Hui and Yue, 2006).
The challenge, from Munich's Student Housing Authority, was to create an economical, lightweight, transportable, low-energy dwelling prototype.
Outline planning permission was granted in January 2019 for the development of two dwellings at land to rear of Ty Cefn in Llanfwrog on the outskirts of Ruthin.
residential houses (replacing the previously permitted dwellings at the location), comprising of the following: - 18 no.