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Nothing which you can ask me in the name of duty is too much.
A Christian gentlewoman's sense of duty knows no limits.
Do you really mean to tell me that you could trample your own convictions under foot, if it could be shown that the purely abstract consideration of duty was involved in the sacrifice?
Allow me to ask (after what I just heard)--whether it is not your duty to act on advice given for Blanche's benefit, by one the highest medical authorities in England?
I beg to relieve you, Lady Lundie--by means which you have just acknowledged it to be your duty to accept--of all further charge of an incorrigible girl.
And it's the first duty of a man to tell the truth, as he sees it and believes it.
You cannot ask for that proof, Miss Halcombe, and it is therefore my duty to you, and still more to Miss Fairlie, to offer it.
It is a duty we all owe to the poor creature herself to trace her," continued Sir Percival.
The Global Duty Free Retailing, 2014-2019 market research report provides analysis of current and forecast market data of retail sales in different category groups in the Duty Free retail channel across the globe.
The compensation has been enhanced in respect of superintendent, deputy superintendent and other examination staff who perform their duty during matric and intermediate examination.
The customs duty on platinum has been revised periodically in tandem with the duty on gold.
Flying from: Manchester, East Midlands and Bournemouth - check out Dixons, World Duty Free and Biza Tax & Duty Free.
Commenting on its sponsorship of the European race, Dubai Duty Free executive vice-chairman Colm McLoughlin said: "Our sponsorship of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Derby has been very successful since we began our support of the race in 2008 and not only does the sponsorship helps promote our own brand but that of Dubai itself.
In addition, half of the 23,000 unpaid AD/CV duty bills are less than $309, but the average duty bill is more than $26,000 due to a relatively small number of very large bills.
Duty of care, in the medical context, is often invoked as a sort of quasi-biblical commandment, akin to "do not lie" or "do not murder.