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Instead, Pogge endorses the contrasting institutional approach that holds that my human right against torture logically entails duties requiring that institutions secure a torture-free life for me, duties that require people who hold responsibility for my institutions to ensure that the institutions deliver the appropriate security (pp.
The court held that the policy's definition of total disability meant the insured is eligible for benefits if she is "unable to perform the substantial and material duties of her own occupation in the usual and customary way with reasonable continuity.
According to this plan, duties of Inspectors will not be changed without the prior permission of the undersigned.
Doctors, although they belong to their own professional community and adhere to its set of rules, are also part of the broader community and therefore subject to the same rights and duties as other members.
The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) is the milestone legislation which governs employee retirement plans and specifically defines the duties and responsibilities of fiduciaries.
While the broad fiduciary duties of care and loyalty are conceptually well understood, until recently there has been little specific guidance on the fiduciary process that should be followed when managing or outsourcing the management of investment assets.
7% countervailing duty on Canadian lumber imports and anti-dumping duties averaging about 2.
The four major classes include (a) school counselor roles and duties as defined by this state's department of education; (b) school counselor roles and duties beyond the scope of ASCA guidelines; (c) concerns that participants had about pay and advocacy; and (d) critiques the participants had about the survey instrument used.
23) There, the plaintiff was a nurse who was placed on unpaid leave because it was believed her pregnancy would prevent her from lifting patients or heavy objects, thereby interfering with the performance of her duties.
Combining the countervailing duty rate with the final antidumping rate, the new rate at which estimated duties will be collected on imports of Eurodif-produced LEU is 6.
On July 26, the department is expected to issue the final results of its follow-up administrative review of antidumping duties on French LEU imported from July 31, 2001 through January 31, 2003.
The department's review is focused on antidumping duties on low-enriched uranium (LEU) imports from France.
Customs duties and expedites importing processes, providing significant cost savings and benefits to Ricoh Electronics, a subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Larry Swift owed fiduciary duties to Adair as an employee of and Certified Public Accountant for Adair.